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Bronchiofly, an ayurvedic cough syrup from Butterfly Ayurveda helps with respiratory health and protection

ANI | Updated: Oct 24, 2020 10:21 IST

Gurugram (Haryana) [India] October 24 (ANI/PRNewswire): One of India's leading Ayurvedic medicine developers, Butterfly Ayurveda, recommends people to take care of their respiratory health with Ayurveda and stay prepared for the ongoing fall and upcoming winter season.
As the month of October approaches its end, the problem of air pollution has started looming over people living in the NCR region and other parts of northern India. As the dry autumn winds go over the fields of Punjab and Haryana, it brings the ash and pollutant-filled smog arising from stubble burning over and leads to problems of cough and breathing. A lot many times it is allergic cough.
The problem gets severe as winter spreads its wings and harmful particles in the air stay constant due to its cold environment. Add to this, the pollution coming from vehicles, factories and construction work, which makes up a potent air killer. Now, the question is how can one protect themselves from such unbreathable air (not to miss the towering issue of the pandemic)?
No matter how many masks, face covers, sunglasses and gloves one may change, fighting on a microbial level needs a powerful aide. At times like these, human bodies are more prone to cases - at par with severity like coronavirus - that affect the respiratory health.
To overcome these factors from affecting one's health, there is modern medicines that provide remedial satisfaction. However, are they beneficial in the long-haul? Do they remove the root cause of the problem? This is the area where alternative forms of medicine like Ayurveda steps in. Ayurveda, not only provides curative solutions, but also suggests lifestyle changes and home remedies that can help in prevention of infections and diseases.
Ayurvedic methods suggest remedies such as applying some coconut oil inside the nasal openings that creates a bio film on top of the nasal skin and helps prevent the entry of bacteria.
Additionally, doing steam inhalation everyday for a few minutes helps ensure that all the dirt, bacteria or any foreign particles inside the nose are pushed out, and also helps with sinus infection and acute cold.
Gargling with Haldi or Turmeric hot water helps keep the throat clean, healthy, and infections at bay. Many such suggestions have also been listed by the Ministry of Ayush that can be included in our daily lifestyle. Drinking warm herbal tea or Ayush Kwath is another good way to boost respiratory health and stay away from infections.
However, daily exposure to poor air filled with pollutant particles degrades one's lungs' health, and can weaken the respiratory tracts. Excessive accumulation of phlegm, constant dry and wet coughing, irritation and itching of the throat, are some of the problems that appear initially.
Moreover, due to poor lifestyle and eating habits, excess mucus formation can also get affected by an infection, which can prove to be highly detrimental to respiratory health. To combat such issues, Butterfly Ayurveda recommends using Bronchiofly, which is decoction-based Ayurvedic cough relief syrup and more.
What is Bronchiofly?
Bronchiofly is polyherbal decoction-based syrup, scientifically formulated and developed on the basic concepts of Ayurveda. Its multiple actions protect the lungs from various infections, toxins and clears the upper and lower respiratory tracts.
It works as a dry cough syrup, wet cough syrup, improves sore throat, throat pain, allergic cough, bronchitis, helps relieving inflammation of the bronchioles, and hoarseness of the voice. It also works as an expectorant and can be administered to both adults and children. It can also be given to people with Diabetes, since it is a sugar-free cough syrup.
What are the key benefits of Bronchiofly?
1. Bronchiofly is a natural safeguard for the respiratory system.

2. Effective in all types of cough (wet, dry and allergic cough).
3. Helpful in case of a sore throat and pain in the throat.
4. Bronchiofly syrup helps with management of bronchi health, works as an expectorant, and helps improve hoarseness of voice.
5. All the ingredients of Bronchiofly like Vasa, Tulsi and Mulethi are very potent & effective for respiratory diseases.
6. Protects lungs internally from toxins in the air.
7. Most importantly, there are no side effects of this medicine, when taken during the time of need, with the dosage recommended.
What are the ingredients used in Bronchiofly?
Bronchiofly is made from Ayurvedic herbs like Tulsi, Khatmi, Mulethi, Vasa, Gojhiva, Kantakari, Kali Mirch, Pippali, Shunthi, Pushkara, and Banaphsa; they are also known for showing efficacy in case of allergic rhinitis and asthma. Mechanism of actions of the various herbs in Bronchiofly includes:
1. Vasa and Kali mirch work as a great expectorant.
2. Khatami, Pushkarmool, and Mulethi provide a soothing effect to the throat and also have anti-inflammatory properties.
3. As an effective bronchodilator Vasa, Mulethi, and Kantakari help ensure normal breathing.
4. As it is sugar-free it is safe for Diabetics, and suitable for children and adults.
5. All the ingredients used in the formulation are safe and individual therapeutic efficacy is also reported in ancient literature of Ayurveda mostly in the management of Kasa (cough) & Swas (asthma).
6. It can also be taken alongside allopathic antibiotics, as it is free from alcohol, so no drowsiness effects have been captured.
7. Ingredients such as Khatmi, Tulsi and Gojhiva help with infections caused due to bacteria and other microorganisms.
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