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12th term 1 Boards - Study hacks for maximum, MCQs CBSE Question Bank launched!
12th term 1 Boards - Study hacks for maximum, MCQs CBSE Question Bank launched!

12th term 1 Boards - Study hacks for maximum, MCQs CBSE Question Bank launched!

ANI | Updated: Aug 25, 2021 18:49 IST

New Delhi [India], August 25 (ANI/Oswaal Books): Physics is an interesting subject. But with syllabus and paper patterns changing, students are worried about how will they not only prepare for the boards in time but also get a good score. Here are useful tips, follow them and you can definitely obtain full marks.
Understand unit wise weightage: Knowing the weightage of each topic will enable you to streamline your preparations. Topics having more weightage, should be given more attention. Oswaal CBSE MCQs Question Bank Chapter Wise for Term-I, Class 12, Physics includes MCQ questions, organized chapter wise based on new typologies. Physics has 4 units in all. Unit 1 and 2 have been allotted 17 marks while unit 3 and 4 have got 18 marks, totalling up to 35 marks.
The Math paper will have 4 units- Relations and Functions (8), Algebra (10), Calculus (17) and Linear Programming (5).
Biology Term 1 paper will have 2 units- Reproduction (15) and Genetics & Evolution (20).
English will consist of 5 units- Reading Comprehension (10), Creative Writing Skills (10), Applied Grammar (4), Literature (11) and Fiction (5).
* Time Management:
It's important to have a study schedule during the board exams. A daily timetable will enable you to divide your time efficiently, in such a way that you can cover the entire syllabus with time to spare for revision. Make sure you allow yourself to take breaks to refresh your mind. Oswaal CBSE MCQs Question Bank handbook provides Mind Maps and Mnemonics for quick learning and revision.
*Use CBSE MCQ Question Banks to Solve Every Question Type:
To secure good grades in the CBSE 12th boards Term 1 examination, one should practice as many MCQs as possible. We may go with best seller books for Comprehensive Preparations.

New Syllabus Oswaal Chapter-wise Topic-wise CBSE MCQs Question Bank Class 12 Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Bio & All SubjectsFor Term 1 Board Exams 2021-22has chapter wise topic-wise MCQs with answers and their explanations.
The book also provides students with Periodic tests and Special Assessment Scheme to ensure detailed revision and preparation as per board standards and expectations. It contains mnemonics & mind maps for quick learning. It contains concept videos via QR codes for blended learning.

Here's the recommended link New Syllabus Chapter-wise Topic-wise CBSE MCQ Question Banks Class 12 Physics, Maths, Bio, English For Term 1 Board Exams 2021-22: https://bit.ly/3sJvlKv
New Syllabus Chapter-wise Topic-wise CBSE MCQ Question Banks Class 12 All Subjects For Term 1 Board Exams 2021-22: https://bit.ly/2Wk8OaO
* Prepare with NCERT textbook:
All the NCERT textbooks are published by the officials of National Council of Educational Research and Training, New Delhi. NCERT textbook is the best reference book for CBSE 12th boards. The detailed explanations will help with in-depth understanding of concepts. You can also use Concept Videos included in Oswaal CBSE MCQs Question Bank handbook to make learning easy and fun.
*Solve sample papers:
Self-assessment is necessary. This way you can evaluate your preparation level and brush up accordingly. For exam-targeted Oswaal CBSE Sample Question Papers is one of the better books for decoding the exam-pattern. It consists of 'Most Likely Questions' generated by Oswaal Editorial Board. Solving more and more sample papers will also improve your speed. Stay tuned for CBSE Sample Papers Latest Release. Stay tuned for latest CBSE Sample Paper launch for term 1 board exams 2021-22, to be released soon.
Using updated study material and consistency will definitely enable you to get a full score. All the best!
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