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Gaurav Nigam with students of Intelligentsia
Gaurav Nigam with students of Intelligentsia

3 years old kids learn sense of smell through making perfumes

ANI | Updated: Aug 10, 2018 17:30 IST

New Delhi [India], Aug 10 (NewsVoir): Intelligentsia, a highly research-based play school has introduced innovative learning methodology in its curriculum for kids who are around 3 years old. As part of its curriculum, toddlers are being taught to learn through real life experiences rather than from text books.
One of the activities carried out by the school was a week-long perfume making experience for its toddler students at its campus. The unique 'perfume making activity' brought out cheers among the kids and gave then opportunity to unleash their creative minds.
Curriculum at the school is uniquely designed by the renowned educationist and child specialist Dr. Gaurav Nigam himself - the brain behind Intelligentsia.
Parents and Intelligentsia management team were stunned to witness the creativity of the toddlers. Experienced and dedicated Intelligentsia team guided them throughout the whole week. Throughout the week, students were taught about different aspects of Science while making perfumes. They had enthralling experience in learning the process in their own way and felt escalating.
First day was kept for students to choose raw materials which included flowers, coffee beans, lemon, and cinnamon etc. Day two was reserved for extracting the essence of these materials while learning the basics of evaporation and boiling. Day three was tuned in for more fine motor activities such as making bottles and decorating them. Day four was dedicated to naming the fragrance that they have created. On day five, kids unveiled the project and, in the legacy, they gave school an area dedicated for aromatherapy. Anyone including the teachers can come and relax in this new area in the campus.
Dr. Gaurav Nigam, Founder of Intelligentsia says, "We have been given some special senses and we hardly use the sense of smell to its optimum level. Kids need to learn how to use this smell and understand the importance of it. The idea of making perfumes started from this fact. At the same time, when the project was completed there was a sense of accomplishment among all the kids. A feeling that they can do whatever they want if they are consistent. This kind of mindset is very important for children these days to compete in the world which is progressing at the speed of light. They need to have great sense of self confidence."
"Give me some water and give me some mud, I can live the childhood all over again. That's the power of scent. At intelligentsia we believe that children should learn as much as possible through real life experiences and not just picking up text books. At intelligentsia children are engaged in learning through all the five senses." Dr. Gaurav Nigam further added. (NewsVoir)