5 platforms making millenials future ready

ANI | Updated: Aug 17, 2018 16:43 IST

New Delhi [India], Aug 17 (ANI): Millennials have been the talk of the business world in recent years. Thousands of articles have been written in an attempt to explore their needs and educate managers on how to properly manage this generation of workers.
But, with the last of the millennials finishing college and beginning to map out their career paths, it is time for working professional to prepare themselves for a new, larger and even more complex generation of job seekers.
Here are few platforms that are helping working professional:
Shine learning
Shine Learning, India's largest career skills marketplace offering professional courses and certifications to working professionals. Shine Learning offers industry- and government-recognised certifications, course recommendations, unbiased user reviews, and a variety of 500+ courses from leading global learning platforms. It constantly analyses recruiter data from its platform to predict emerging, in-demand skill-sets and to provide highly-personalised recommendations for relevant professional courses to prospective job applicants.
LinkedIn is the world's most popular social networking platform dedicated to help working professionals across the globe for their future endeavors. It is mainly used for professional networking and offers features like Career Advice to the working professionals to help them with lightweight mentorship opportunities.
Evernote is an application which is specially designed to help working professionals to manage their notes, organize their task list and archiving their stored data. It allows people to create reminders, pictures and even a voice memo on an online platform which can be accessible through any device.
Scripbox is an Indian financial company that helps the working professionals plan their future by organizing their mutual funds investments via its online platforms. They make investment in mutual funds as easy as possible and have its own financial calculators, variety of investment plans (tax saving or future returns).
GoWork's campus provides numerous opportunities to learn. The campus is a frequent host to hackathons, workshops and mentorship sessions. As a unique platform for cross-pollination, these sessions witness a participation from MNCs, SMBs as well as emerging start-ups. The campus also gives the employees many opportunities to participate in Art of Living and Pilate sessions. Focusing on the holistic development of the workforce, GoWork also organizes internal sports tournaments. (ANI)