Chintan Jain
Chintan Jain

A day behind the lens with Chintan

ANI | Updated: May 25, 2021 13:31 IST

New Delhi [India], May 25 (ANI/PNN): As a wildlife enthusiast and photographer, Chintan Jain spends more than half a year on road capturing the alluring subjects of nature.
Moving along the scenic water reservoirs and lakes, or through misty mountains and blazing trees, or parallel to a herd of deer and flock of birds - is a very typical surrounding for a wildlife photographer.
Chintan explains, "For me, I think photography is not what I do but who I am, it all came from inside. Everyone used to wait for the vacation period and then visit museums and great cities; but for me, it was always a location with sanctuaries or treks or lush green hilltop."

"In the earlier days, this was just it, my day involved just roaming around the wilderness and capturing everything beautiful that I came across but when this passion turned into a profession that is when things changed. Now it is not just about spending time in the field and taking photos patiently; there is also a lot of backend work that is there. After shooting all day, I go back to my camp or room and have to back up the photos to multiple portable hard drives, sometimes burn DVD's and delete the ones I don't want to ensure enough space is there for the next day. No matter how many memory cards you carry, they'll never be enough because wildlife is highly unpredictable. I end up taking thousands of pictures and end up with only 200-300 that is going to be of actual value.
Before embarking on the journey, nowadays it's also important to study about your subjects and locality beforehand so you do not disturb their environment and conduct your ways ethically. I'd suggest never go alone, always take a local guide with you to be safe and know the right place and right time of sightings," he adds
No matter the hours or weeks that go into the capturing of the perfect shots we envision, at the end of the day a wildlife photographer is always content and mesmerized by nature.
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