Ooka Radio
Ooka Radio

A small-town startup Ooka Radio bags radio rights of 6 International Airports and known to be now as Ooka Airport Radio

ANI | Updated: Apr 07, 2021 14:41 IST

New Delhi [India], April 7 (ANI/ThePRTree): With deep penetration of 7000+ Outlets, OOKA Radio continues its march towards redefining and disrupting how radio is perceived and understood by business communities, corporates, media fraternity, and even the consumers.
Ooka is on its way to make another largest platform catering to 80 million Audiences and is proud to announce the exclusive partnership with six airports across India.
Some of the noted are: Delhi International Airport T3 & T2, Airports at Ahmedabad, Lucknow, and Mangalore & many more are in line to come up aboard soon. In the last few years, OOKA Radio has led a revolution in retail entertainment. Venturing into the big league of international airports, OOKA has pulled all stops and is steaming ahead to create an out-of-the-box platform for brands to be heard loud and clear at one of the most significant consumer arenas in the market. A startup from Chandigarh bounded with new techniques & loaded with new ideas & internet, technology came up with big dreams to make the biggest media platform.
OOKA is a model start-up that has not only challenged the impossible but also has achieved the impossible. "OOKA Radio is a thinking that sees an India singing tunes of advertising innovations, branding path-breakers and unprecedented revenue horizons," says Founder and CEO Amit Chawla.

Ooka is making the largest platform where anybody can communicate easily through Advertisements, brand promotions or can even promote songs at affordable prices to national and international audiences. They are inviting every soul of media agencies to partner with them and make this platform a significant medium to deliver the best advertisements for brands. It is the one-stop solution to get captive audiences from different regions, metros & states to make a simple product as a Brand.
With a bandwidth of 80 million Audience, Ooka Radio is on the pathway to give every small to big brands a space to participate & introduce their brand to the largest audience network. Who's Who in the corporate universe are already making a beeline to become a part of the OOKA Radio bandwagon that is studded with cost-effective solutions to surprise even the most discerning of media planners, stringent brand managers and astute revenue seekers.
This unique landmarking gateway of airports has catapulted OOKA into the heavyweight category in one big leap.
Post COVID everything has changed. Only business ideas with a special focus on the budget are gearing up to take off towards greener horizons. OOKA is head and shoulders above one such brand as its plate is full of irresistible deliverables. Pan India thread, access to the infinite universe of a captive audience and diligently packed in rainbows of cost-efficient packages every brand and every marketer would love to open and experience in an instant.
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