AasaanJobs introduces 'Live Application Tracker'; aims to provide more transparency

ANI | Updated: Nov 08, 2017 15:27 IST

New Delhi [India], Nov 8 (ANI): One of India's leading HR marketplaces, AasaanJobs, has introduced a 'Live Application Tracker' feature that will greatly assist job applicants and employers in communicating with each other during the application process.

The new feature looks to address the long time-to-hire for applicants and employers, providing more transparency and control in managing their various applications in real-time.

The 'Live Application Tracker' works similarly to order tracking mechanisms available on e-commerce websites, helping job seekers receive live status and updates on their job applications created on AasaanJobs.

This will allow the applicant to know when the application has been received and whether they have received an interview call or an acceptance from the AasaanJobs mobile application or desktop website.

The feature can also be used for responding to interview calls and booking slots, and informing the employer about availability at particular times and days.

"The Live Application Tracker is a truly remarkable feature that will set us apart from other job portals. We didn't just want to curate different opportunities, but wanted to add value as a platform to the recruitment process," said CEO, AasaanJobs, Dinesh Goel.

"Understanding that transparency from both the employers and the prospective employee was lacking, we introduced this feature to make the job seeker an active stakeholder in the recruitment process. It also is an integral part of our larger plans to automate a bigger portion of the recruitment process, and appreciably optimize it to reduce the time-to-hire for employers," he added.

Launched in the third week of August, the feature has already received impressive traction, with 4600 actions carried out on nearly 18,800 applications created through the mobile app in the month of October alone.

The interview slot booking feature has received the most use thus far, and also enables job seekers to accept or reject offers at the tap of a button from the mobile application, reducing the uncertainty and opaqueness of the entire process.

The feature is also an important step in AasaanJobs' vision to create a complete two-way matchmaking and engagement system to make recruitment more efficient and rewarding for companies and employees. (ANI)