Abhay Aggarwal
Abhay Aggarwal

Abhay Aggarwal's entrepreneurial excellence from mineral processing to tech startups

ANI | Updated: Apr 14, 2021 17:44 IST

New Delhi [India], April 14 (ANI/PNN): For every entrepreneur, it is always part of the plan to diversify his domain of business. The tough thing is to diversify beyond domains and geographies and to get it right.
Abhay Aggarwal, a young serial entrepreneur, has mastered the art of excelling in businesses that are completely unrelated to each other. From mineral processing to real estate to digital technology, he does it all.
Abhay started early into business after pursuing his university degree. He, in no time with his family business, learned each aspect of the business.
Abhay's extraordinary skills in business strategy and execution is one of the biggest deals of mineral processing. His company KABY Alloys Co. eventually became one of the largest mineral processing companies in Iran. Alongside his businesses, he also believes in making a difference in communities by focusing on regional growth through creating employment, adding medical and educational facilities in the regions he sets out to do business in.
Abhay also now invests and supports new-age startups across the globe. His keen interest in reality tech and fintech led him to invest in startups from Europe, India, and the Middle East. "Niche market, Hard work with right guidance and support will build successful future entrepreneurs" - quotes Abhay.

He has spent his time pursuing his love of travel by traveling around various countries in the world, using it as fuel to delve deeper into business and understand more parts of the world. Which he often accounts for part of his success, quoting Buddha exactly by stating "it is better to travel than arrive".
Abhay, along with being an innovative entrepreneur, is equally a super networker. His ability to network with people from various streams of businesses and regions gives him the extra edge.
Most recently, Abhay established his head office in Dubai from where he is looking forward to expanding his portfolio in various MENA and African regions.
When asked what he believes took him from being a business student to owning one of the biggest mineral processing companies, he simply stated that he always believed in himself and knew that if he worked hard enough, anything could be possible.
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