Ameer Ali
Ameer Ali

Activist and 'Hunger warrior', Ameer Ali from Palakkad, Kerala initiates social entrepreneurship

ANI | Updated: Feb 17, 2021 17:49 IST

New Delhi [India], February 17 (ANI/ThePRTree): Ameer Ali, is an action man from Palakkad Kerala. He was arranging food and medicine for the poor when Covid calamity happened and has reached out to all sections of society beyond community and politics. This act had endeared him to the people of the district.
When a poor tribal Madhu was beaten to death in Kerala, the issue grabbed national headlines. Ameer Ali reached out to the family and also intervened to raise the issue with the humanitarian importance it deserved.
He organised the 1st public march in front of the Child Welfare Committee in support of 'Valayar sisters' who were subjected to brutal sexual assault and lost their life. The Valayar incident really shook the collective conscience of Kerala as a state and there were not many who were willing to take up the case in the beginning. On his leadership, a series of agitations were taken forward and it was also due to interventions of activists like him that political parties began to take note of the incident and then created a huge and cry in God's own country.
Ameer has only studied till 10th and then went for religious studies for 5 years in Nandi Darussalam. He could only get a chance to finish his +2 later. He worked in Dubai Library for 3 years and came back as a teacher in Al Falah English school. He worked for only a short duration there due to his inner calling for contributing to the larger cause of society and polity. He is a staunch believer in Islamic values and spirituality. This led him to his conviction in social service and a person who wants to keep his life serving and uplifting people.
He was born to a pious family and is the son of Saithalavi. Coming from a humble background, he understands the hardships and troubles faced by common people of his land. Standing firmly in his religious values and ethics he reaches out to all communities too. He was one of the first faces of civil society to connect to the family of the police personnel Arun who committed suicide due to casteist taunts and insults in AR Camp of Palakkad. The parents of the deceased Arun were met with and all support was offered to them.

He also rallied support to Pentacoastals who were attacked by communal elements in society and went to see them in Pattiripala hospital where they were nursed. When a scheduled caste youth was dismissed from KSRTC service, civil society led by Ameer offered him support. They met him at Attapady on his behest.
This approach of engaging and intervening in issues of people from other communities has made him a popular name across the district and when the great Kerala floods happened, Ameer and his team travelled across districts to arrange help for the people who were stranded.
His acceptability across communities has lent him credibility in fighting injustices and he has been jailed for 22 days while protesting the discrimination against Muslim youth by one police officer.
The Coach factory which was lost to Kerala due to the infighting between Political parties was highlighted as Ameer and his article which pointed out double standards on political parties on this created waves across Palakkad.
His most momentous effort was in 2018 when he and his team were instrumental in getting justice for the victims of the landslide in Nenmara. 10 people died and much more homes were destroyed. He cooperated with the Government and authorities in the rescue effort and had a crucial role in facilitating ten homes for the underprivileged.
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