Adarsh Singh
Adarsh Singh

Adarsh Singh manifests as a professional cricket player living his dream

ANI | Updated: May 17, 2021 16:28 IST

New Delhi [India], May 17 (ANI/The PRTree): A cricket player hailing from Bihar, Adarsh Singh has scored centuries twice at #8 and played for both U 16 and U 19. Being a professional in the field, he is known to be the only player to take five wickets in zonal matches.
Fulfilling his passion, Adarsh worked tirelessly at what he loved. He manifested himself as a professional cricket player from Bihar who has been playing since he was a child. His family always supported him and believed that if a child is to become talented, all his qualities are showcased from a very young age. Keeping this in mind they proceeded to look deeper into this young man, who can certainly score quite a number of sixes in the future too.
Born and brought up in Patna, Adarsh Singh was born on 24th of February 2002, and since then he has continued to be a trophy child. From the very beginning, he was pretty athletic and developed a niche towards sports, until later as he grew up he started to play cricket and discovered his new found talent in it. This young child, fascinated by the wonders of the world, and the fact that he was given the game to enjoy, Adarsh Singh still recalls his younger self so full of vigour. He now professionally plays for his cricket team, quite literally living the dream.

"I just want everyone out there to know that you simply have to believe in your abilities, keep working hard and don't lose hope, it is the process which is difficult but once you have gone through that, there is no stopping you", says Adarsh Singh.
Everyone has their own areas of expertise, and Adarsh Singh too had his own. As soon as he started to play professionally, he did not find enough time to dedicate to his academic background, but on the other hand he was performing pretty well on the field. With his coach Robin and Gulrej Sir by his side, he considered himself to be more than simply lucky. His father too has been motivating him from a very young age, participating in every activity required to motivate him and keep him innovated. There was a lot of support, and there was not a moment that he felt small. Adarsh Singh is very grateful for all the things that were provided to him.
However, like every person has their strong point, they also have their weak point. For him, it is fitness, he struggles with that but still manages to maintain a proper physique as required by his athletic background.
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