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Adda52 Rummy redefines Dussehra, launches Rs. 5,00,000 special rummy tournament named Vijaya Kaandam

ANI | Updated: Sep 21, 2017 18:11 IST

Bangalore [India], Sep 21 (ANI-BusinessWireIndia): Rummy tournaments for Dussehra is a novel and never heard before idea. Online rummy tournaments are usually considered as events planned around Diwali. But Adda52Rummy believes that Rummy fans must not lose out on their favourite card game on Vijaya Dashami i.e. Dussehra day either.

The site has a mega tournament for Vijaya Dashami on between 25th and 28th September and is offering a compelling prize pool of more than 5 lakh rupees. Rummy players online aver that it's a wonderful idea as Dussehra is a celebration of victory after all.

The site has arranged Rummy Vijaya Kaandam Tourney prizes on the four said consecutive dates. Beginning with a grand reward of 50 thousand rupees, the Vijaya Kaandam Rummy Tourney progressively offers Rupees One lakh and tops off the entire prize pool with a whopping Rupees Three Lakh.

"An impressive line up indeed" says Tushar, an avid follower of Rummy tournaments for 2017 on Adda52Rummy. "This is actually a very refreshing idea. I can now contest at my favourite game on Dussehra day too and not wait for Diwali time. And neither do I have to worry over pooling friends, inviting people over etc. It's hassle free and is in spirit with the festival. Am quite excited!" he avers.

Alongside the cash prizes, the site is also offering loyalty points to keep up players' spirits during the tournament. These points are usually redeemable for cash or for entry into further events. The tournaments are organised at convenient hours for the public and show thoughtfulness on part of the organizers. The prize pool is open to 280 winners and the Adda52 Rummy Vijaya Kaandam Tourney is expected to entertain more than a thousand players say inside sources.

Statistics suggest that the online Rummy industry is doing quite well owing to an increase in Internet users. The number of online Rummy sites has also grown by leaps and bounds and competition too is stiff. In such a milieu it is quite a challenge to grow online Rummy players. Adda52 Rummy has accomplished the incredible with a remarkable stream of creatively organised events which capture the pulse of the online Rummy player. This, is no mean feat. The site is also proof that it is not just the prize pool size which draws users but the ability to engage users consistently. The Vijaya Kaandam online rummy tourney for Dussehra is one such creative idea.

This particular Vijaya Kaandam seems promising as this site has made an early move to capture Dussehra frenzy while many sites are only prepping for Diwali still. Call it a penetration strategy or a market attraction strategy, this move is bound to drive up the number of engaged online Rummy players to the site. 2017 could well be a crowd puller for adda52 Rummy then. In fact, the site has enjoyed good patronage from its online rummy player fan base.

There is much more in favour of Adda52Rummy.com than the crowds at online rummy tournaments. The Recent ruling by the Supreme Court has approved of rummy as a game of skill and this has given players much assurance. Adda52 Rummy, in particular, goes to great lengths to prevent unfairness and has adopted stringent practices. Thus ensuring that players have an unparalleled and at the same time fun experience at this site. Such practices make the site reliable and add to the crowds already piling in for the Rummy Vijaya Kaandam Tourney.

Though a recent entrant, the site is a successful player in the Indian online Card games market. And The Adda52 Rummy Dussehra Tournament is no different. To cut a long story short, Adda52rummy.com's Dussehra Rummy tournament is bound to spell more success for the site. (ANI-BusinessWireIndia)