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Whey Protein

Anihac Pharma to launch gainer Whey Protein in chocolate flavour

ANI | Updated: Apr 26, 2021 16:00 IST

New Delhi [India], April 26 (ANI/The PRTree): India's one of the most reputed health and nutritional supplement brands, Anihac Pharma, is set to launch gainer whey protein in chocolate flavor. With manufacturing units all over India, largest being in Uttrakhand, the company's trademark has been registered in the United States which also sponsored Mister Model Worldwide 2019.
Established in 2019, providing high-quality nutritional supplements to sportspersons, Dr. Anuj Choudhary founded Anihac Pharma to meet the dietary needs of sports enthusiasts all over the world. It has already made its mark in the industry with its high-quality products. Adding flavor to its product will increase the customer experience. The company's establishment intends to assist athletes in realizing their goals of representing their nation at an international level. Nutrition is the building block of a sports person's path to success. After extensive training to develop the required skill and strength to compete at the international level.
Dr Anuj Choudhary, the CEO & Director of Anihac Pharma, catered his passion for sports that he had inhabited from his father through the company. He wanted to represent India in a bodybuilding competition on an international stage. After years of training, his dream of representing his nation at the International level was shattered after he faced an accident in college. He was prohibited from lifting weights professionally after his accident in 2004. However, he reshaped his career from pharmacist to a Ph.D. in sports science to mentor and coach young athletes who shared the same dream of representing their nation at the international level.
Using his entrepreneurial skills to establish Anihac Pharma, Dr Anuj Choudhary aided athletes to achieve their nutritional requirements at a very effective cost with the highest quality. Anihac Pharma is a health supplement company that helps athletes all over the world in achieving the fitness levels necessary to perform at the international level. Nutritional supplements are a critical aspect of a bodybuilder's journey, and Anihac Pharma ensures that they provide the highest standard product possible.

ISO 22000:2018 and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified to export, produce, and supply dietary and health supplements, the company has a firm grip. It has also applied for Halal Compliance Certification, which would be arriving soon and increase the trust of its consumer in the company's high quality products. Anihac Pharma produces whey protein, weight gainer, maltodextrin, BCAA powder, DHA protein, fat burner, creatine, pre-workout, glucose, testosterone, amino acids (glutamine), and multivitamin.
Anihac Pharma sponsored Mister Model Worldwide 2019. Its grand finale was organized at the City Park Hotel in Ghevra, New Delhi. It was an international event in which contestants from Afghanistan, Algeria, Armenia, Bangladesh, Belgium, China, India, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Thailand, Turkey, United States of America, and South Africa competed showing their strength with zeal. With this event, Anihac Pharma had made a name for itself around the world in the sports industry.
Dr Anuj Choudhary enjoyed watching contestants perform on such a large stage while he served as a fitness instructor. Such competitors and their intensity to excel were worth the efforts.
With the launch of these new products, Anihac Pharma is looking to reach a new customer segment and provide an exciting customer experience. Sportspersons are hopeful for such enriching news to make their fitness journey even more enjoyable and fun.
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