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Another big update on CBSE OMR sheet: Attempt MCQs with few cognitive tools to score high in new exam pattern
Another big update on CBSE OMR sheet: Attempt MCQs with few cognitive tools to score high in new exam pattern

Another big update on CBSE OMR sheet: Attempt MCQs with few cognitive tools to score high in new exam pattern

ANI | Updated: Nov 13, 2021 15:12 IST

New Delhi [India], November 13 (ANI/Oswaal Books): CBSE board exam 2021 has arrived and CBSE has released a new update regarding the OMR sheet on 4th November 2021.
This is one of the greatest updates regarding the OMR sheet that will work wonders for your CBSE board exam 2021.
Wondering what's the latest CBSE update on OMR sheet, keep on reading further to know.
1. Mistakes can be corrected in OMR Sheet
CBSE has given the privilege to offer a new option of a square box in OMR sheets. If the students have marked an incorrect option, then they can write the correct answer option in this square box and the final answer will be considered to be in the square box.
OMR sheet are checked by computers and even a slight mistake gets you mark zero and if once you mark an answer to the OMR sheet that will be the final one. And you can't change it even if you know at a later instance that it is not the correct one.
To solve this issue, CBSE has customized the traditional OMR sheet especially for term 1 CBSE board exam 2021 that comprised only 4 options 'a', 'b', 'c', and 'd'.
2. Same Format of OMR Sheet
CBSE has revealed that irrespective of the subject you are appearing for the exam, the format of the OMR sheet will remain the same.
You will witness a maximum of 60 questions present in the OMR sheet.
You only need to attempt only the number of questions present in your question paper. And leave the rest of the questions blank.
3. Final Evaluation Criteria
CBSE has also mentioned that the final answer will be evaluated based upon whether you have written something in the square box or not.
For instance, you have encircled an option for a question. And you have also written the other option for the same question in the square box. Then final marks will be awarded for the answer written in the square box.
If you are sure about your encircled answers among the options 'a', 'b', 'c', and 'd' then you need not use the square box. And you will be awarded marks for the option that you have marked.
Final Thoughts
This CBSE board exam 2021 update regarding the OMR sheet has come as a blessing in disguise for every student.
Students have been eagerly waiting for such a privilege in which they can correct their answers if marked incorrect. All thanks to CBSE that this exam update has been released.
Till now, there is no update regarding the blueprint of this new customized OMR sheet.

Earlier the pattern was comfy and nice for the students as they can write their answers in the paragraphs according to the level of their understanding but now the scenario has been changed and students can have only one option which can be "right or wrong". So can't we learn any smarter way to know the correct option as we never confronted the same. Hence, there are some important cognitive tools through which students can ace their MCQs solving ability to score high in Term 1.
Everyday Practice strategy
"The more you practice the more you learn" it is truly says as being a student the best way to score high you need to practice more. You need to understand the concepts, the type of questions being asked and the way of presenting the question. Practice can help you to know the whole concept of the new MCQs exam pattern.
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* Term wise syllabus & Sample Question Paper released according to the new pattern released
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* Academically important (AI) Questions for Board Exam
* Learn more with 'Mind Maps'
* On-Tips Notes for Quick Revision

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Divide your Time-
Students need to plan their time to manage the level of stress and panic. You must need to divide your time according to the minutes of your exam like suppose first 15 minutes to thoroughly skimming the paper and 40 mins to solve the easier one and lastly jump to the toughest one from the paper. This technique will help you to attempt all the questions from the paper as well as skip those questions for a while where you have a doubt.
Do not in a Hurry!
Generally, we all are in a habit of reading the content in hurry which becomes blunders at the end so while giving the exam "read every question twice and read all the options before choosing the correct option". Clear the requirements of the questions and try to find the clue of the answer which will make your chances to score well in your exams.
Recall your memory
Students generally forget the answers due to lack of time, stress and any other reason but if you get stuck somewhere, you need to recall the context of your memory so you will get the clue to solve the question or might be the correct answer too.
I guess, it will help you all who are reading but if you are going to appear for the term 1 you need to plan or strategize your schedule according to these tools and you need to practise on sample OMR sheet released by CBSE to manage your time as well as to check your time management skills.
So, stay tuned for the latest updates!!
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