Asian companies introduce gaming content at Tokyo Game Show

ANI | Updated: Oct 26, 2017 19:33 IST

Tokyo [Japan], Oct. 26 (ANI): The mega `Tokyo Game Show' has attracted many Asian companies with their innovative game content.

Bekraf, Indonesia Agency for Creative Economy and Asosiasi Game Indonesia exhibited their games at the pavilion.

From the influence of Japanese games, there were many original, high-quality games exhibited.

Forged of Blood, which was produced by crowdfunding is a fantasy tactical role-playing game (RPG) inspired by the Final Fantasy Tactics game. The game controls and mechanics are superb, and the special effects and rendering are sublime.

Legrand Legacy was developed as a turn-based Japanese RPG and has become a creative production of fully packed action and easy to play.

Focus on developing local content, Toge Production's Ultra Space Battle Brawl is a unique character matchup game, which grabs the attention of attendees.

"Normally, I would want it. Maybe I'll even buy it. It is a game I want them to sell. Absolutely fantastic. This game is for people who like fighting games," said a Japanese visitor.

"The Indonesian people have been playing Japanese games for a long time since the Super Nintendo, the Nintendo Entertainment System, and up to PlayStation and others. A lot of Indonesian developers started in the game industry because they want to make games that as the Japanese games. Right now the industry is growing, the association and the government is trying very hard to grow it so that they can go both local and outside. This year we are trying to make it bigger, the booth is bigger, and we hoping to have more partnerships with Japanese game industry," said Cipto Adiguno, Asosiasi Game Indonesia.

"After such a high performance, it creates many possibilities as a next huge game industry country. Distribution of games is changing. Indie games, with its originality and fresh feeling, is making a new wave in the global game industry," added Adiguno.

"We have been working partners with a lot of international developers, especially in Japan. This year have been working with about 3 developers that originally from Japan. We contribute not only on building assets, but also contributing the design ideas, the beauty of games and passion of gamers are coming in all sides. Malaysia pavilion at the Tokyo Game Show was with Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE) as the forefront. With many top-level technology companies in Asia, Malaysia has collaborated with many Japanese major gaming companies," said Fiona Pal, Business Manager, YDY CG Pte. Ltd.

"We worked on a lot of big Japanese titles such as Final Fantasy, also titles by Bandai Namco, like Tales of, we work with Sega like Sonic. I personally made the music for Sonic Mania which released last month. Recently they also have been focusing on the development of their own production content, have experienced significant growth," said Falk Au Yeong, Managing Director, SoundtRec (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.

"Neva Logik is actually influenced from a few games from Japan. It is actually like action adventure Chrono Cross. We have base building element while you go out with a group of people like Suikoden," said Hanis Rahim, Executive Producer/Game Director, Studio Kamii.

"Our role as Malaysia, is providing opportunities for our companies to be with the Japanese game industry. But also at the same time, attracting Japanese companies to also think about investing into Malaysia," said Hasnul Hadi Samsudin, Vice President, Creative Content and Technologies, Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation Sdn. Bhd.

"Which is also in line with some Japanese initiative, for example like Cool Japan. So we are coming in, promoting also introducing our capabilities of companies, for Japan, with the Cool Japan, for us, to promote the contents creativeness," said Shah Nizam Ahmad.

The potential for gaming to grow and become more popular from Japan to Asia, and throughout the world is enormous. (ANI)