Athlexa, one app for all your fitness needs
Athlexa, one app for all your fitness needs

Athlexa and its journey to revamping the fitness industry

ANI | Updated: Aug 13, 2021 17:29 IST

New Delhi [India], August 13 (ANI/SRV Media): From everyday food, nutrition, home exercises to introducing customers to the fitness centres, Athlexa is set to launch its application in August 2021.
The company aims to provide a full-stack fitness solution to its customers.
In this marketplace, all fitness industry stakeholders can interact and come up with new ways to collaborate. The site connects fitness enthusiasts with trainers, gyms, and other enthusiasts.
In general, the application is characterized by amazing features. There is a Media Library, which provides users with access to a large number of instructional videos, as well as the opportunity to attend live tutoring sessions. Using Trainer Connect, users can have personal training sessions with available trainers.
Additionally, the fitness centre connects feature allows users to connect with nearby fitness centres to book sessions. The User Challenges section allows users to challenge others and compete in fun fitness-based activities.
The app aims to target those people who are already inclined to fitness like the fitness enthusiast, the mental health enthusiast, and the amateur athlete. Also, people who are interested in fitness but are not satisfied by the flexibility and variety provided by traditional fitness centres. User's wellness and fitness needs are met with a variety of solutions through a variety of wellness and fitness products and services. Furthermore, the experts get a dedicated customer base and can monetize their services which becomes easier to access and more organized for everyone. This sets Athlexa apart from its competitors.
Abhishek Datta, CEO, Athlexa said, "We strive to be an innovative fitness technology company with a vision to connect the digital to the physical, and our mission is to support the fitness industry in its expansion and settlement in India. Through our application, we wish to create a collective of like-minded fitness enthusiasts and help the community grow further. To support this, we cover all aspects of their journey from finding the right trainer to focusing on mental strength."

This application was developed by three partners - Abhishek Datta, Malay Kumar, and Soumi Mukherjee. Abhishek Datta is the Chief Executive Officer with a background in the retail sector and a professional with experience in Vendor Management, Operations & General Management. Serial entrepreneur with a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) focused in Operations from the University of Calcutta.
Malay Kumar is the Chief Development Officer at Athlexa and a former food and beverage industry executive with demonstrated industry experience. As the owner of a small food joint in 2014, he helped it grow exponentially to the point where he opened 2 more outlets across Hyderabad. As a result, he had the opportunity to manage teams of 20 to 25 people and through it has learned a lot about management and the related processes. The experience of running a small firm has taught him a great deal about general management, the importance of customers, vendor management ethics, and the accounting and legal sides of running a business. Furthermore, Soumi Mukherjee is the Chief Marketing Officer of Athlexa. Formerly, Soumi Mukherjee served in similar roles at Trell, TrueBill, and various other organizations.

Athlexa has been developed, rigorously tested, and is now operational according to project objectives. The app strives to provide seamless service to all stakeholders (customers, gym or fitness centre owners, and administrators.) Their main motive remains to make the fitness ecosystem attractive, robust, safe, and easy to use.
Through a unique business model and a minimum viable product, the company creates a community of fitness enthusiasts and strives to continuously improve. The app is increasing interest in corporate wellbeing, as well as the high demand for flexibility and variety. Athlexa through its comprehensive offerings aims to completely revamp the fitness experience for all.
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