Bada Business organizes Sports Day
Bada Business organizes Sports Day

Bada Business focuses on employees' health to succeed in the post-Covid world

ANI | Updated: Oct 25, 2021 18:41 IST

New Delhi [India], October 25 (ANI/SRV Media): Bada Business recently organized 'Sports Day' on 21st October 2021. This event was an initiative to focus on employees' health and fitness. The company celebrated the bond between employees, a key factor that builds businesses.
"A one-size-fits-all approach at a workplace must be abandoned. Instead, we should follow policies beneficial and productive for both employers and employees. Only companies that will invest in employees' mental and physical well-being in the post-Covid world will succeed in their businesses in the long-term," says Dr. Vivek Bindra, founder, and CEO of Bada Business, the ed-tech startup firm which has initiated several health initiatives to make well-being at work its top priority.
Sports is a lively and a recuperating break from the monotony of corporate life, by revisiting the college hay-days and rekindling the bonhomie over the green grass. It is an opportunity to learn the energetic form of teamwork, team building, trust, and celebration. Such health initiatives are indeed needed of the hour.
Apart from impacting people's livelihood, health, and world economy, the Covid-19 pandemic has also resulted in a considerable increase in the number of cases of employees who are trying to cope with the after-effects of the disease (stress, depression, anxiety, job insecurity fears), which is in a way hampering their performance at work.
According to a recent report, 55% of Indian employees feel stressed due to a lack of well-being measures at work. Companies across sectors are coming out with many health initiatives to support employees amid uncertainties and the fear of an impending third Covid wave. From long leaves, counseling sessions, work-from-home options, flexible working hours, and unlimited sick leaves to regular meetings with top management, India Inc is launching schemes to help employees to deal with workplace challenges amid pandemics.
And in the same spirit, Bada Business is continuously experimenting with ideas to develop methods and policies to support employees in these trying times. "We value mind over matter. For new-age firms, understanding your employees should be the success mantra. And the best way to do that is by interacting more, in a casual, empathetic, and humane manner," says Dr. Bindra, who is also a business guru and motivational speaker.

The company employees participated in different games like football, plank & pushup, lemon race, sack race, and tug of war to show the strength of unity and set fitness goals to perform better at the workplace. The football teams were named after some of the famous soccer clubs like Mohun Bagan, Real Madrid, and Manchester United. The fourth team had rather an interesting title - 'Avengers'. Dr. Bindra the motivational speaker took part in all games. He captained one of the football teams.
Bada Business has recently opened a gym with all modern fitness equipment and amenities in its office premises. The company also organizes Zumba classes for dance enthusiasts, where employees can burn tons of calories while dancing and enjoying some great music with office colleagues.

"Prime Minister Narendra Modi had launched Fit India Movement in 2019 to take the country towards a healthier future. And taking a leaf out of that, we have 'Sports Day' at Bada Business. As the world begins to recover from Covid-19, sports could act as a catalyst for change and provide mental and physical relief to people struggling with the overall impact of the pandemic" says Dr. Bindra.
Earlier this year, Bada Business had organized a free vaccination centre for employees and their families. Other employee-friendly policies at Bada Business are an option to work from home in case of urgency, flexible working hours, and extended sick leaves, among many others. "Starting this month, we are also planning to organize health check-ups by senior doctors on a regular basis," says Dr. Bindra.
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