'Be a Jagrik - Samvidhan LIVE, live the SDGs'

ANI | Updated: Dec 11, 2018 12:11 IST

New Delhi [India], Dec 11 (NewsVoir): ComMutiny - The Youth Collective has launched a unique public initiative for young people - Be a Jagrik - Samvidhan LIVE.Live the SDGs across 14 states with 32 partners. This initiative brings together two 'frameworks' - The Constitution of India and Sustainable development Goals (SDGs).
Through a board game and a refl-active journey, this leadership experience bridges the gap between textbooks and reality. It aims to enable youth and adolescents become aware and active citizens - Jagriks (Jagruk Nagriks), live and experience the sustainable development goals (SDGs) and the rights and duties enshrined in the Indian Constitution.
As Jagriks undertake exciting self and community action projects on-ground, they also take their powerful voice for change into the world.
Through spinning of a bottle and rolling of a dice on a board game, the Jagriks can choose experiential action projects to understand the Indian Constitution and SDGs. One of the key outcomes of the game is a collection of promises from young people.
These promises will also be presented to relevant duty bearers to increase their accountability and work towards nation building and fulfilling aspiration of young people.
In the words of Lokasish Saha, CEO, ComMutiny - "Though the Constitution of India binds us all with the values of liberty, justice, equality and fraternity, unfortunately, fraternity, or loving each other gets least attention also because it cannot be legislated. Today fraternity still remains the missing piece. Through Be A Jagrik - Samvidhan Live... Live the SDGs the effort is to bring back the focus equally on rights and duties, through foregrounding the value of fraternity and creating a powerful lived experience based on the constitutional framework. This is even more relevant today looking at the overall socio-political environment of the country."
ComMutiny strongly believes in taking adolescents and youth across the country through a leadership journey while evolving their capacities on constitutional literacy, sustainable development, access to services and participation in the decision-making process.
For the youth, to understand the Constitution and the SDGs, it needs to be lived. This initiative makes the world their classroom. They need to learn their rights and duties from experience.
The campaign will equip 1550 young people to directly engage with civic action and better navigate through real-life challenges within the constitutional framework further reaching out to 50,000 people. The campaign shall also create an online footprint of 5 million impressions and will enable online learning and sharing space for young people to engage and converge with the four pillars of democracy. (NewsVoir)