Be a superhero to your loved one with these 5 gifts this Valentine's Day

ANI | Updated: Feb 12, 2018 18:30 IST

New Delhi [India], Feb 12 (ANI): Valentine's Day is just around the corner and tiny Mr. Cupid is flapping his wings wildly to ensure the nippy February air is filled with the warmth of love.

As you keep fleeting over options and plans to make your Valentine's Day a memorable one, here's a list of 5 experiential gifts for you to gift your partner. These experiences are bound to forever etch this glorious day as a milestone in your relationship and ensure you get to celebrate many such 14th of February's with the chosen one:

A glorious breakfast-It is said that a great breakfast is important for a great day ahead. With the 14th day of February being arguably the most important day for the future of your love life, it's always better to start it off on a high note. Prepare a great breakfast spread comprising your loved one's favorite delicacies along with lots of fresh fruits and juices to keep you energized throughout the day. Do not overload the breakfast menu with lots of sugar and chocolate in your bid to make everything sweet, as too much of sugary content can make one feel lethargic!

A sleep to dream about-Lastly, and most importantly, ensure the perfect finale to a Valentine's Day well spent by gifting your partner a mattress that guarantees uninterrupted sleep. Modern day mattress innovators such as Wakefit have devised memory foam mattresses that adapt themselves according to every individual's body type to provide a highly personalized sleep experience. In today's fast-paced world where long hours of work and commute contribute to eternal weariness, a comfortable, cosy sleep is the best gift you can give to your partner!

A ride in luxury-After your loved one has ate his/her way out of the bed, take her out on a drive on a luxury car. Don't fret, you wouldn't have to put in your life's savings to gift her a cosy ride on iconic wheels. You can rent luxury cars from service providers such as Eco Rent A Car and ensure your loved one gets a true taste of the luxury he/she deserves. And yes, do not forget an ice-cream or two on the way!

A great book for lonely afternoons-Take her out to a picnic for lunch and laze out in the company of nature. Gift him/her a book, probably a timeless classic, and write a great message that your loved one can go back to during those pensive afternoons that often leave one lonely and thoughtful. Read out a few pages, unless you are too sleepy from that hearty lunch and want to enjoy a good nap or a heartfelt conversation underneath the sky!

A dinner to remember-You can party throughout the evening, but organize a royal dinner beforehand that will serve to be the perfect surprise for your partner. Ideally, you should choose a place that your partner prefers or has been looking forward to go to for a while. Plan for some live, romantic music to provide the perfect background score to a beautiful day nearing its end! (ANI)