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Benling India announces strategic partnership with Ipower Batteries for its new 2-wheeler product line- Believe
Benling India announces strategic partnership with Ipower Batteries for its new 2-wheeler product line- Believe

Benling India announces strategic partnership with Ipower Batteries for its new 2-wheeler product line- Believe

ANI | Updated: Aug 17, 2022 12:54 IST

New Delhi [India], August 17 (ANI/PNN): Benling India announced its strategic partnership with pioneers in EV battery manufacturing-Ipower Batteries Pvt Ltd. Ipower is tasked with designing tailor-made LFP batteries for Benling's new 2 wheelers scooter- Believe, which will incorporate the features of cutting-edge technology designed and developed internally at the company's R&D facility and will be suited for Benling's latest scooter variant to be launched in the market.
The batteries being designed by Ipower will be keeping in mind the Indian weather condition; sustenance will be fire-proof, water-proof, long-life batteries, easily swappable, with a smart BMS system and ARAI- approved for Benling India's new scooter variant being launched.
"We are confident our strategic partnership with Ipower will allow the EV consumers in India to look forward to more promising products from our brand as our prime focus is on delivering innovation with excellence. With Ipower, our major upgrades and switching to a more promising battery system has been realized", said Amit Kumar, ED and CEO- Benling India.
"Our batteries are completely ideated, engineered and Made in India with utmost attention given to safety and reliability to offer our partners world-class batteries. Our strategic collaboration with Benling India highlights the company's transition to promising and futuristic LFP batteries in their 2-wheeler segment", said Vikas Aggarwal, Founder and MD- Ipower Batteries Pvt Ltd

LFP batteries have overtaken NMC batteries globally which are now only currently holding 44% market share, while 80 per cent of the market share for EV alone is held by LFP batteries, where its demand will soon extend to other segments as well. LFP batteries have an advantage over others because of their safety, long lifecycle, lower costs and also the 'zero-emission transport policy', which was rolled out in response to rising fuel costs, is causing demand for LFP batteries to rise in the market.
These batteries have a low discharge rate, less heating and a higher number of charge cycles. Also, these batteries are environmentally safe and structurally more stable, saving them from thermal runaway, a major problem EV battery in India witnessed. When adopted for EVs, these batteries provide a better acceleration experience for the rider and improve the vehicle's stability with no active maintenance.
Benling India's goal is to carry on its legacy of innovative thinking in the electric vehicle segment and develop products that will help Indian markets cater to the consumer's needs in EVs by providing a safe and clean drive.
Ipower has a full-fledged state-of-the-art manufacturing unit in Kundli (Haryana) which has a large capacity of energy storage per month, Ipower batteries is aimed at fulfilling the need for such solutions. The company has a strong backing in R&D and experience for over three decades from its parent company, allowing them to work on an innovative product line for the market. The company's manufacturing has IMS certified (ISO 9001-2015,14001:2015,45001:2018) for producing high-quality Lithium-Ion batteries. With this, they are ready to become India's largest Clean Energy Storage Provider.
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