Bharti Airtel, Coursera partner to build a future ready workforce

ANI | Updated: Nov 28, 2017 13:02 IST

<p>New Delhi [<a href="/search?query=India">India</a>], Nov 28 (ANI): <a href="/search?query=Bharti Airtel">Bharti Airtel</a> on Tuesday announced its partnership with <a href="/search?query=Coursera">Coursera</a> to equip its employees with advanced <a href="/search?query=skills">skills</a> as part of its vision to build a future ready organisation.</p><p>This strategic partnership between the companies will give Airtel employees in <a href="/search?query=India">India</a> access to <a href="/search?query=Coursera">Coursera</a>'s <a href="/search?query=enterprise">enterprise</a> platform, <a href="/search?query=Coursera">Coursera</a> for Business, and equip them with relevant emerging skill sets.</p><p>A wide range of world-class courses on the <a href="/search?query=Coursera">Coursera</a> for Business platform have been specially curated for Airtel in order to develop expertise across domains ranging from emerging technologies, network technologies, cloud computing to leadership and softer <a href="/search?query=skills">skills</a> as well.</p><p><a href="/search?query=India">India</a>, which is currently the second largest mobile market globally and has the third highest number of internet users in the world, is going through an enormous digital transformation triggered by emerging technologies.</p><p>Airtel's partnership with <a href="/search?query=Coursera">Coursera</a> is an effort to equip its employees to be future ready. To help them achieve this, <a href="/search?query=Coursera">Coursera</a> will offer a plethora of courses on Machine Learning, Data Science, Digital Technology, Cyber Security, Cloud, IoT along with some soft skill courses like Leadership, HR Skills among others, from its repertoire of more than 2000 courses.</p><p>Upon completion, the learners will receive certificates from <a href="/search?query=Coursera">Coursera</a>, which will add to their professional credits and qualifications.</p><p>"We are delighted to partner with <a href="/search?query=Coursera">Coursera</a> who will help us provide world-class online certification programs to our workforce. With their help we aim to create a rich pool of talent across verticals to contribute to our vision of building a digital Airtel," said global chief human resources officer Airtel, Srikanth Balachandran.</p><p>"We are very confident that we can help Airtel drive their learning objectives much like the way we have for prominent IT companies, telecommunication brands across the globe, to provide courses and specializations to address the skill gap through our <a href="/search?query=enterprise">enterprise</a> platform, <a href="/search?query=Coursera">Coursera</a> for Business," said <a href="/search?query=India">India</a> Country Director <a href="/search?query=Coursera">Coursera</a>, Raghav Gupta.</p><p>Within a year of launch, <a href="/search?query=Coursera">Coursera</a> for business has been adopted by more than 100 large <a href="/search?query=enterprise">enterprise</a> and government customers around the world, including brands such as Axis Bank, Tata Communications, Infosys, AXA, L'Oreal, PayPal, Danone, JP Morgan Chase and AIR France-KLM. (ANI)</p>