Bic Camera provides great shopping experience to foreign visitors

ANI | Updated: Jan 17, 2018 14:22 IST

Tokyo [Japan], Jan 17 (ANI): Japan's inbound tourism hit a record high in 2017 and it is expected to hit a further high as the country gears up to host the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Many of Japan's visitors prefer to shop at easily accessible stores, and for them, the natural choice would be "BIC CAMERA" one of Japan's leading consumer electronics retailers.

Bic Camera stores are located in front of main train stations and they offer special services to foreign customers.

Takaki Endou, an official with Bic Camera, said, "Bic camera offers a delivery service for overseas customers who come to visit Japan. We offer two delivery services; one to the airport, and the other to the hotel where the customer is staying. As for the delivery service to the hotel, we offer it free of charge for purchases of over 15,000 Yen from our store. As for the delivery service to the airport, we offer it for purchases over 100,000 Yen."

BIC camera offers to visitors coming from overseas discount services as well as tax exemption at a dedicated service counter.

Endou further stated, "For example, when purchasing a camera, it is usually tax-exempt by eight poercent, but if you pay with credit card JCB, VISA, Amex etc. we offer a further discount of five percent. And to customers who plan to shop at our stores for the second time, we offer coupons to discount seven percent in addition to eight percent tax exemption.

Bic camera offers a free Wi-Fi service on all floors.

Just by selecting BIC camera's Wi-Fi network from the setting screen you can easily connect to the internet, and you can choose many languages such as English and Chinese.

This service is especially useful for overseas customers who want to use the free Wi-Fi to contact their families and friends at home to ask them "What souvenirs would you like?"

A Swiss visitor said, "I came in and we are actually looking for a headphone, so you know to get you Spotify on I needed Wi-Fi, so I logged in and I was able to listen to the music. It's really good."

And to make the shopping experience even more interesting, BIC camera is offering a service called "Reserve Online Pick-Up In Store".

Endou said, "You can search for the items you want on our website, after you find the item you want, choose the shop where you want to pick up your item. Then enter the necessary information and your order will be registered. After you come to Japan, visit our store which you chose as the pickup point and you can purchase the item quickly and comfortably."

With these multiple services, foreign customers will complete their visit to Japan with a pleasant and unique shopping experience. (ANI)