BIG NEWS: CBSE CISCE Term 1/ Semester 1 Admit Card Update]
BIG NEWS: CBSE CISCE Term 1/ Semester 1 Admit Card Update]

BIG NEWS: CBSE CISCE Term 1/ Semester 1 Admit Card Update]: Special guidelines for the competency based exam pattern, exclusive training for teachers

ANI | Updated: Nov 03, 2021 18:33 IST

New Delhi [India], November 3 (ANI/Mediawire): CBSE has not yet released the admit card for CBSE Board Exams 2021.
According to officials, CBSE will soon release the admit card for Class 10th and 12th board exams. The students can download the admit card from the CBSE's academic website.
According to the official datesheet released by the CBSE board, CBSE Board Exams 2021 term-1 will commence from 30th November for class 10th and from 1st December for class 12th. Students can download the datesheet from the official CBSE website.
CISCE has also released the ISC & ICSE datesheet 2021 for semester 1. ISCE board exam for class 10th will commence from 29th November. ISC board exam 2021 for class 12th will commence from 22nd November. Students can download the ICSE & ISC datesheet from the CISCE official website.
CISCE has also released a circular about the instructions to the candidates for ICSE & ISC Board Exams for semester 1 along with revised timetable and information on 28 October.
CBSE Term 1 Boards Competency Based Questions: Key Highlights& Guidelines For Students, Teachers
Competency- A competency is made up of three elements - skills, knowledge, and attributes. Focus on developing creative and critical thinking capacities of students.
A) Characteristics of good MCQs: -
1. connection between textbook and real life
2. allows testing of both higher and lower order thinking skills
3. good diagnostic tool
4. free from subjective scoring
5. doesn't allow bluffing
6. differentiate between good and poor performers in a test
7. key core understandings
8. focused

Here's the CBSE official link for major exam pattern guidelines for CBSE Class 10 Maths, Science, Social Science & English For Term 1 Board Exams 2021-22:
b) Best practices in MCQ creation
1. answer should be indisputable
2. one concept per question
3. exclusivity
4. don't overlapping answers
c) Free of irrelevant difficulties
1. clear and concise
2. Reader- friendly phrasing (use active voice, simple tenses, simple sentences)
3. Avoid using contractions unless the question is testing it
4. Avoid negative phrasing

5. don't use multiple negatives.
6. have balanced representation of different populations
7. Don't have an opposite pair of options
8. Don't use specific qualifiers like "never" and "always" or vague qualifiers "may"and "some"
9. Not taken directly from the wording in textbook exercises.
10. Closed stem
11. Use best and most for higher thinking questions
12. Don't repeat words from stem.
13. options taken from stem, image, passage, table - in order of appearance
14. Words and phrases - in order of ascending/descending length
15. Years - chronological
16. Numbers - Ascending - flexible
17. copyright and image usage permissions
Fora Comprehensive study material for CBSE ICSE Term 1 / Semester 1 Board Exams 2021-22, there are few exclusive exam preparation resources such as The Best Seller Oswaal CBSE ICSE Sample Papers For Semester 1/ Term 1 Board Exams 2021-22.
These CBSE ICSE Sample Papers For Semester 1/ Term 1 Board Exams also includes cognitive exam preparation tools such as Mind maps, Mnemonics, Concept Videos, Revision Notes for quick learning, long-retention for Exam-Ready preparations:

Here's the recommended link for CBSE MCQs Class 10 Sample Papers for Term 1 Boards Exams 2021-22:
CBSE MCQs Class 12 Sample Papers for Term 1 Boards Exams 2021-22:
ICSE MCQs Class 10 Specimen Sample Papers for Semester 1 Boards Exams 2021-22:

Another major circular was released by CBSE board emphasizing on 'hybrid learning' for teacher. It's recommended to check the circular available on the official CBSE website. In this circular CBSE has partnered with Microsoft to provide training programs to teachers which will be conducted over a period of 5 days and commence from 15th November.
The entire concept is to promote among the teachers the basic and advance knowledge of technology and its applications.
It can mean that the online study and exam conduction may not be going to end soon.
Or it may simply mean that online education may be the future of Indian Education from now.
In the same manner, CISCE is conducting NISTHA secondary courses for CISCE teachers of classes IX to XII being conducted on DIKSHA platform.
The CBSE has also released a Handbook for Assessment and Evaluation. This handbook will help teachers of all subjects to design test items that are valid and reliable measure of the student learning. It will provide guidance for test developers who create questions or tasks for learning assignment.
It's highly recommended that students should go through this handbook at least once so that they can have the test papers insight. Students can get the handbook by visiting the official CBSE website.
Another major circular released by CBSE is regarding the International Olympiad. Students need to register and enrol themselves for the stage selection through Indian Olympiad Qualifier. The concept of International Olympiad is aimed to prepare the most talented Indian students to compete at international platforms.
Like the Olympics in sports, the International Olympiad is the celebration of the very best in school level science and maths.
The NEP (New Education Policy) entirely based on these latest developments and the it's implications and can be easily derived.
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