Dr Somdutta Singh
Dr Somdutta Singh

Biotevia is bridging wide gap in the nutraceutical market says Founder Dr Somdutta

ANI | Updated: Oct 28, 2021 15:59 IST

New Delhi [India], October 28 (ANI/ATK): In 2019, the global nutraceutical market size was valued at USD 382.51 billion. It is anticipated to reach USD 722.49 billion by 2027.
Mounting attentiveness concerning calorie reduction and weight loss, encouraging stance towards medical nutrition, intensifying healthcare costs, together with the rising elderly population across the world are anticipated to encourage the growth of the global functional food industry and promote the consumption of nutraceuticals.
When it comes to nutraceuticals and health supplements, there are tons of nutraceutical products that are being marketed and sold as neutral or non-aligned to a specific gender.
In health supplements, there can never be one product to fulfil the demands of men's and women's body types. Men and women have unique priorities and requirements. For example, women lose bone density much faster than men after the age of 30 and may benefit from a calcium multivitamin. On the other hand, men, at the same age prioritize muscle health and mass density with protein supplements.
Also, the nutritional guidelines and formulations that define a man's and a woman's health supplements are very different. The amounts and types of nutrients formulated in each product provide different important gender-specific benefits.
Thus, it is imperative for men and women to consume nutraceuticals that are specific to their body types and gender.
This is where Biotevia Life Sciences Nutraceutical from the house of Assiduus Global seamlessly bridges this gap, the unavailability of gender-specific health supplements or nutraceuticals. Biotevia, a premium wellness health supplements brand and Make in India brainchild is looking at health supplements in a different light. Biotevia is not just advancing the intake of intelligent and functional 'superfoods', but also deploying tech prowess along with robust product development to drive the nutraceutical industry poised to witness massive growth over the coming years.

Unlike the plethora of brands in the market and contrary to what the generic notion is Biotevia has different very specific supplements for men and women simply because their build is different and thus their nutritional requirements are different.
Biotevia founder Dr Somdutta Singh adds, "I strongly believe that holistic wellness not just begins with a healthy body and mind, but also from what gets into our body. Biotevia nutraceuticals are highly effective and efficient in delivering vital nutrients than OTC supplements.The core ingredients used in Biotevia products are natural because we truly understand how potent they are to heal and nourish our bodies and strengthen our very well-being."
In addition, when it comes to Nutraceuticals, the influence of geography and topography play a crucial role in their formulation and manufacturing. Nutraceutical is a highly consumer driven market and consumer demand and body needs are diverse across the world. Here are a few instances. India is notoriously deemed as the 'Diabetes capital of the world', thereby, selling gummies loaded with sugar in this market will have dire consequences. In the US, people are prone to heart conditions and diseases such as Alzheimer's or chronic respiratory diseases. Women worldwide suffer from deficiencies of Vitamin B12, calcium (often leading to osteoporosis), iodine and iron.
At Biotevia, the team works with formulation experts and research scientists who collaborate with the product management team to implement their technology to put together innovative and products specific to people's bodily requirements.
As we age, our immune system, our bones get weak. Here's where we need a nutraceutical that alongside a healthy diet can help you stay fit and healthy. Biotevia's products, which cater to specific needs for men and women separately, take care of the vitamins and nutrients your food misses to deliver to your body.
All Biotevia products are clinically certified natural wellness supplements, results-driven, toxin free, cruelty free and have been crafted in an FDA-registered facility. Biotevia products are inspired by Nature and driven by the power of Science.
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