Extension Boardy - 12 V Car battery charger
Extension Boardy - 12 V Car battery charger

Car battery charger manufacture company to expand business with their new launch - Extension Boardy Car Shampoo

ANI | Updated: Aug 20, 2021 12:43 IST

New Delhi [India], August 20 (ANI/SRV Media): Extension Boardy - which is majorly a car battery charger manufacturing company - has just launched their car washing shampoo and car washing cloth.
Having been focused on manufacturing car battery chargers for 30 years, they are now growing and expanding their business nationally by coming up with car care products and accessories.
Washing cars with water alone doesn't remove all the dirt stains and blemishes from the vehicle. Cars are typically in need of products that would restore their gloss, without causing any harm to it. Understanding this situation, the Extension Boardy team came up with their car shampoo. They aimed to help achieve the customers' needs.
The car shampoo claims to be a high-performance product that would weed out stains and dirt from the car within a single wash. The team at Extension Boardy declared that the shampoo was formulated to be gentle on car surfaces while being apt for spot cleaning. They also mentioned that the shampoo was processed to have a neutral pH formula to ensure the safety of the car. It works on the principle of less foaming and more cleaning to avoid scratches on the vehicles.
To use the shampoo, first, the container should be shaken well. Following that, some shampoo is to be pumped into water such that the concentration of the shampoo is 5 to 10%. Then the vehicle is to be rinsed with the water and wiped with a cloth for easy removal of dirt. Finally, it should be dried with a clean, dry cloth. Following these steps will restore the natural shine of the car while getting rid of all the road filth. The shampoo is available to be purchased on e-commerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart.

Manpreet Singh, the founder of Extension Boardy said, "Whether you have a four-wheeler or a two-wheeler sitting idle in your house, Extension Boardy will be of your use. Our shampoo has many benefits like - spot-free streak-free results, automotive coating to ensure safety, color protection to lock the real shine, etc. Apart from this, our 12V battery charger can be used as a friendly companion on road trips with your loved ones as it is fully automatic, delivers unbeatable performance, charges any battery within a limited period of time, is ideal for all types of vehicles, and provides a battery reverse protection with indication."
Extension Boardy has previously been popular in the market for its car battery chargers. The 12V battery charger has been helping cars deliver good performance by increasing the scope of their battery life. It has an automatic two-stage charging feature with a charging indication ammeter.
The ammeter has LEDs - the white LED indicates whether the battery is functioning or not, whereas the red LED glows up when the charging is fully completed. Moreover, the 12V charger comes with two clamps that should be attached to the black and red wires, which are meant for charging. Further, the product also delivers reverse battery protection with an indication to ensure the car is safe from threat.
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