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CBSE Term 2 exams
CBSE Term 2 exams

CBSE Term 2 2022: 30 Days strategies to score 95 per cent-plus with these Sample Papers in Maths, Science, Social and English

ANI | Updated: Feb 15, 2022 19:46 IST

New Delhi [India], February 15 (ANI/Oswaal Books): CBSE Term 2 exam will be conducted from April 26, 2022 for Class 10 & 12 in offline mode. The datasheet for the exams is yet to be announced. The board confirmed that they will follow the same subjective pattern for the exam as hosted earlier in the sample papers on the CBSE website.
For those of you who were waiting for the dates to accelerate their preparations. Bingo!! The clock is ticking now. If you aim to score more than 95 per cent and have some reservations about it. Bingo again!! you're at the right place. First, let us assure you that scoring 90 per cent and above is an easier task, provided you follow a smart and functional strategy. So, let's look at what a 30 days strategy to score 95 per cent and above looks like.
Mark your calendar, Set your clock
As you are running short on time, it will be a smart decision if you first make a systematic timetable. A goal-oriented approach for each small study session focusing on one aspect or concept at a time will benefit more than studying in a haphazard manner which creates too much confusion and unnecessary anxiety in the end.
Study at least 8 hours and proportionally allocate time to each subject according to your need. Do keep in account that each subject you will learn demands different skill sets like Memory dependent subjects like Biology, History and Geography, which contain a lot of material that needs to be mugged up. Problem-solving subjects such as Maths and Physics. Interpretation based subjects such as English Literature and literature papers from other languages. It will be more beneficial if you alternate between each category in a day.
Choose your partner, choose your stock
Decide your studying material first as that will be your partner covering your back anytime and every time. Instead of seeking answers in too many books focus on only NCERT textbooks which is the core book for board exam preparation.
Write and write until you rock
Term 2 is going to be subjective. Don't know if you have forgotten to write or not but be a bit conscious about your handwriting and the steps to solve a question because each of them will affect your marks. For that, Write all the definitions and theories in your notebook. Doing this will increase your retention power and writing speed gradually.
Derivations are very important for the TERM-2. So, mark all important derivations and keep practising them frequently.
Do not just read the topics after understanding a topic, solve each question of the textbook, both example problems and back exercise questions for clearing all the concepts of the topic.
And if you are studying uncovered chapters in the last few days, you should follow 3 Rs. Any new information you learn needs to be Recapped, Reviewed and Reinforced within 24 hours. If you fail to do so, you lose 80 per cent of the information you learned.
Solve these Sample Papers:
Sample Papers are just like the blueprint of the exam that you'll encounter on the day of the exam. They are designed in a way that to offer the same pattern and marking scheme which are designed for your board exams.
Suppose it's net practice before the actual exam.
It would highly help you on the day of the exam coz you'll know in advance which type of questions are your genre.
Suppose in Mathematics, if you're good with long from of equations or heavy calculations, then that's your genre. And if statistics or data interpretation isn't your genre then with sample paper, you'll get to know how proceed with the two that would anyhow help you in your actual exam.

Eat right, sleep tight! Go for a walk
Your mind needs to be sound before it helps you score 95 per cent. Only studying hard won't help you, to achieve 95 per cent a healthy lifestyle is a must.
Most students stay up late till night to finish revising before exams. Remember that it's the proper sleep of 7-8 hours every night that turns your short-term memory of what you just studied to long-term memory of what you can recall in the exam.
Along with good nutrition which is vital for optimal thinking. So, say no to fast foods & yes to homemade healthy food.
Lastly, don't drain your mental strength in social media or binge-watching series, just kill your social media activity for a few months.
Test your prep, Take the mock
No matter how many times you revise the syllabus, if you do not know the type of questions asked in an exam you will get confused during the exam. So, every alternate day, test your preparation and solve sample papers and previous year questions.
While sample papers will help you understand the exam pattern and give a sense of time management during the exam. PYQs gives an idea of what kind of questions have already been asked in the past. You can also Prepare for all subjects with the same manner. Students can also prepare and Practice with Oswaal CBSE Term 2 Sample Paper Class 10 & 12 For Board Exams 2022. Students will get different ways of learning:
* Self-Assessment Papers for Term 2 Board Exams March-April 2022
* Oswaal CBSE Term 2 Sample Paper Class 10 & 12 For Board Exams 2022 include all latest typologies of Questions as specified in the latest CBSE Sample Papers Released On 14th Jan 2022
* On-Tips Notes & Revision Notes for Quick Revision
* The CBSE Term 2 Sample Paper Class 10 & 12 For Board Exams 2022 include Mind Maps for Better Learning
* The Book provides Free Oswaal 360 E-Assessments based on the latest Typologies of Questions as per CBSE Term 2 Board Exams 2022

Here is the recommended link for CBSE Term 2 Sample Paper Class 10 for Board Exams 2022, click here https://bit.ly/3JqbyXu
Here is the recommended link for CBSE Term 2 Sample Paper Class 12 for Board Exams 2022, click here https://bit.ly/3rO6eqO
Now you have an idea of a smart and functional strategy and what you need is execution. Start today, stick with this tomorrow and repeat it till the day you hit your target with the arrow.
The weirder something seems, the more we remember it! Apply the Von Restorff Effect in your preparations! Read Now!
Good Luck!
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