ICSE Question Banks 2021 -22 for Class 10 & 12
ICSE Question Banks 2021 -22 for Class 10 & 12

CISCE reduces syllabus for major subjects of ICSE, ISC Board Exams 2022! 5 top notch tips to prepare better

ANI | Updated: Jul 10, 2021 19:00 IST

New Delhi [India], July 10 (ANI/Oswaal Books): Council for Indian School Certificate further reduced the syllabus for class 10 and 12 on July 9, 2021. The syllabus has been reduced for the academic year 2021-2022.
The ICSE (class 10) subjects for which syllabus has been reduced namely are Geography, History and Civics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Economics, Commercial Studies, Computer Applications, Economic Applications, Commercial Applications, Environmental Applications, Home Science, Physical Education and Yoga.
Similarly, the ISC (class 12) subjects for which syllabus has been reduced namely are Accounts, Commerce, Economics, Business Studies, History, Political Science, Geography, Sociology, Psychology, Computer Science, Biotechnology, Environmental Science.
On 2nd July the council had reduced the ISC and ICSE for both English and Indian Languages.
CISCE has sent a letter to all the heads of affiliated schools. The letter states that it is in the process of reviewing the syllabus of other subjects as well for 2022 examinations. They will still continue to reduce the syllabus for the remaining subjects and will be displayed on the CISCE website soon.
Until then the students must start with their preparations as per the reduced syllabus.
But are you still confused about the reduced syllabus?
To address your concern about the blurred understanding of the reduced syllabus here are 5 top notch tips for you to prepare better for the exams.
1. Stick to the latest reduced syllabus
Reduction in syllabus is good news for students in these hard times. But it is only beneficial when the students are clear what is reduced and what is still there. Going as per the old books and learning it all won't help students in achieving good marks. Therefore, Oswaal Books brings its ICSE & ISC Question Banks 2021 -22 for Class 10 & 12 respectively strictly based on the "latest and reduced" syllabus for 2022 board exams. These Question Banks include Chapter wise and Topic wise introduction to enable quick revision. They also include revision notes, concept videos for an in-depth learning for Board exams. For staying up to date with the latest syllabus, these ICSE & ISC Questions 2021 -22 for 2022 Board Exams are the best choice for comprehensive preparation.
2. Taking up quick learning strategies

No matter how much the reduced syllabus is, the vast amount of content to be learnt afraid us. Therefore, use innovative and quick learning techniques like Mnemonics. It helps in memorizing quickly through the use of keywords and acronyms; thus, saving a lot of time. Another innovative technique is Mind Maps. This involves showcasing each topic or chapter with the help of flow charts and diagrams. This way you can quickly glance through it and revise the entire chapter. It's a huge respite for learners who are overwhelmed with the content of the book.
All these innovative tools are provided in Oswaal ICSE & ISC Question Banks 2021 -22 for 2022 Board Exams. We always believe in making learning simple for the students.
Here's the recommended link for Latest ICSE Question Banks 2021 -22 Class 10: https://bit.ly/3xze8Vv & ISC Question Banks 2021-22 for Class 12: https://bit.ly/3qYs8FK 2022 Board Exams
3. Be well-versed with the important topics and latest typologies
It is very important for the student to be acquainted with the latest typologies. The student must be aware of the latest exam format as it also plays a major role while preparing for the exam. This way you know how much time you need to allot to each section. Also go through the topics that students find difficulty the most in, so that you make it your strongest topics.
All these pointes that need to be kept in mind are available at one place in ICSE and ISC Question Banks 2021 -22 for class 10 and class 12 respectively.
4. Be aware of the marking scheme and format of answering the questions
When you know which parts will help you gain score the most and which all less you on concentrate on them accordingly. You then need to allocate time to it accordingly. Learn the pattern in which the answers need to be written so that they fetch you the maximum marks. Know the right length of writing an answer and not go on filling pages which the examiner won't even read. These ICSE & ISC Question Banks 2021 -22 for 2022 Board Exams also contain toppers' answers
5. Focus on scheduling
Always try and follow a systematic routine and strategy for studying. Overburdening yourself won't benefit you at all. You must plan your schedule in such a way that whatever you study you are able to retain it. Chapter-wise and topic-wise material from Oswaal Books can help you form the most simplified pattern of studying.
All the best and keep working hard towards your goal!
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