Maria Martinez
Maria Martinez

Cisco Customer Experience: Building a digital customer journey that delivers value at every stage

ANI | Updated: Sep 20, 2021 14:52 IST

New Delhi [India], September 20 (ANI/Mediawire): The pandemic is compelling organizations to take a pause, adapt and renegotiate their business continuity strategy. It is irrefutably a Time for a Reset to address major business challenges, especially given the short-term imperative to Bounce Back and Build Back Better.
To navigate this unprecedented shift in accelerating digital transformation, organizations will need to address long-term sustainability challenges by taking on Bold Transformative Steps.
At Cisco, Customer Experience (CX) is a company-wide philosophy and seen as fundamental for the future of business because of its ability to impact customer retention and growth. And in this tide of change and dynamic challenges, the 'Lifecycle motion' will be a key differentiator to deliver innovation and competitive advantage to the customers, partners, and communities.
CX at Cisco rolls up to Maria Martinez, EVP & Chief Operating Officer, who is at the helm of drivingan organization-wide change in pivoting to the CX motion and enabling transformation for Cisco's customers. Additionally, Maria is the Executive Sponsor for India. Across her many interactions with this country and, most recently, during hervirtual visit to India in August, she said, "India is at the forefront of catalyzing innovation and holds incredible market potential and boundless opportunity. As our customers here look to build a digital-first model, as never imagined before, we are with them - leveraging the collective power of Cisco through a lifecycle approach that allows us to meet them where they are and clear barriers thatget in the way of their success. The business outcomes that matter most to them are what matters most to us".
Cisco is rooted in a lifecycle approach to both technology consumption and delivery. It encapsulates the understanding of how a customer deploys and consumes a set of technology products and services and subsequently maps an optimal delivery model to meet those needs. The benefit to the customer is the delivery of a set of solutions tailored to specific needs that are capital and operational expense optimized.

While speaking with Sandeep Arora, Country Head & Managing Director at CX India, he shared his thoughts on re-imagining the technology journey in India and how his team is taking this mission forward to support customers. He described it as the Three Es' - Explore, Evangelize and Engage:
Explore: Don't hesitate to redefine the playing sandbox. With the transition towards a hybrid workplace and digital model, we are here for our customers to help them capitalize on this momentum, constantly visualize, forecast, and address future needs.
Evangelize: When human intelligence meets digital intelligence,we continue to trust instincts and, through data-driven insights & telemetry, create the best value for customers through our portfolios such as CX Cloud, Success Tracks, and BCS.
Engage: One of Cisco's cornerstone philosophies is 'embracing a people-first culture that perfectly resonates with our culture of - "together, whatever it takes, we will get the job done." We will be there for our customers to - Assess today's challenges, be Agile for tomorrow's changes and Adapt for a future re-shaped.

When at the precipice of such critical change as the recent times have shown; also lies that massive opportunity to leave behind that comfort zone and jointly harness the power of the unknown. As we collectively steer this new normal ecosystem at a velocity and magnitude like never thought before - looking forward to a fantastic next chapter in continuing to deliver extraordinary experiences for our customers. Know more
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