Correlation between an enabled workplace & great results
Correlation between an enabled workplace & great results

Correlation between an enabled workplace & great results

ANI | Updated: Jul 23, 2021 18:41 IST

New Delhi [India], July 23 (ANI/ The Brand Solution): There have been significant developments in the Organizational development space in order to improve Workforce talent, productivity, and capability.
However, the workplace is transforming and teams have been evolving at an unprecedented pace over the last 5 years.
Co-working and remote working were unconventional until recently but have now been adopted by most of the organizations. Start-ups and unicorns have changed the vibe while more and more organizations began adapting to an open and networking culture as against the traditional hierarchical working structures. HR and businesses are adopting technology to automate people processes, enable collaboration and empower teams with analytics.
With this highly volatile environment and unprecedented times, there are certain issues that need to be addressed, such as:
Inadequate focus on the method and mentoring in the journey of goal achievement.
Appraisals marred by recency effect and not inclusive of holistic development needs.
Poor insights on workforce wellbeing, engagement and networking.
Founder & CEO of Winzard Solutions, Yugandhar Penubolu who is also the author of 'The Transformational Lens', a people and performance management book, claims that Winzard Empower makes the journey of employee's goal achievement easier. The Winzard SaaS platform houses modules that address these 3 challenges with the help of proprietary features such as seeking support, supervisor intervention and regular check-ins built within the module enabling goal-setting, work-planning, and appraisals.
Keeping in mind that today's workforce likes the freedom to express themselves, the platform gives them the creative confidence to come up with plans to achieve the goals. The product is designed with a simplistic approach, easy-to-use interface, and intuitive user experience. Each of Winzard's founders and advisors come with 20+ years of expertise ranging from technology, leadership, strategy and operations, to consulting.
This start-up aims to forge successful people transformations and enhance organizational capability. It also facilitates a holistic talent review enabling the leadership with insights on loyalty, potential, development needs, and more. Further, the tool provides recommendations pertaining to action plans such as retention planning, potential enhancement, recognition and career progression.
With the help of IIT Hyderabad, they have also developed a Workforce Wellbeing Survey that is hosted on the platform. The tool is designed to understand the pulse through the survey and provide deep actionable insights pertaining to psychological, physical, social, and other aspects of wellbeing that are precise and impactful.
They believe that workforce wellbeing is a fundamental pillar to active engagement and growth and that the prevalent employee engagement surveys do not cover holistic Workforce wellbeing aspects. The product is supported with custom filters which help the leadership to get precise insights in no time.
Since the pulse survey is a one-time exercise with access to the tool for 40 days, the organization need not transfer information or worry about integration. To ensure that organizations plan action using the insights, Winzard offers consulting services through their team.
Winzard was recently recognized by as a TechHR startup and shall showcase the product in the upcoming People Matters #TechHRIN hosting Asia's largest HR & WorkTech Startup Hub from 4th to 6th Aug '21. Over 1000 HR professionals and business leaders are expected to attend this event.
Armed with a robust 2-year roadmap for the enhancement of features and a great team, Winzard is well poised to come up with deeper analytics and insights. With newer modules it will help improve employee satisfaction, loyalty, competency and build a performance culture in organizations.
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