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CPS Test is a free tool for modern-day PC gamers and people who want to improve their gaming and typing speed.
CPS Test is a free tool for modern-day PC gamers and people who want to improve their gaming and typing speed.

CPS Test, a socializing and training tool for all gamers

ANI | Updated: Apr 11, 2022 10:25 IST

New Delhi [India], April 11 (ANI/ATK): Game fanatics are constantly looking for ways to improve their skills. It involves purchasing high-end gadgets for constant practice.
Modern-day PC gaming relies on mouse flicks and clicks rather than consoles or other devices. Although it removes the need for gadgets, modern-day PC gaming is complex and requires practice.
Moreover, most PC games heavily rely on mouse clicks and keyboard functions, and hence a faster click speed is crucial.
CPS Test offers free tests for checking mouse clicks speeds and other practice platforms to become a pro. In addition, the platform also provides other speed checking tools like spacebar counter, scroll test, and typing test.
What is the CPS Test?
CPS Test is a free online platform that offers different tests for checking mouse clicks per second, spacebar counter, scroll test, and typing test. The platform is a fun way to measure different variables and offers features through which a user can track their test history.
These tools offered by the CPS Test site offer two-fold benefits. First, they serve as a practice method, where users can use these tools as many times as they want until they get better. They also offer a fun socializing aspect, where users can invite their friends and compete against each other or interact with new members through the CPS Test community.
CPS Test features and how does it work?
CPS Test works by clicking on the start button on the screen. Then, users can select to increase or decrease the time interval; the default is 5 seconds and calculates the speed. After completion of the time, users will get their results in CPS for mouse clicks and other units for spacebar and scroll test.

It offers 4-speed tests for different functions, namely:
1. CPS Test: This feature helps test mouse click speed and calculates the clicks per second by taking the ratio of click number against the duration in seconds. The result is obtained as a CPS score. It offers two additional tests, the Jitter test and the Kohi test, for player versus player (PVP) games like Minecraft.
2. Spacebar Counter: By playing this game, users can calculate their typing speed using a space bar. As spacebars are also used for playing particular games, they also aid in getting better. The space bar counter speed is also given in CPS.
3. Scroll Test: A scroll test is vital for calculating scrolling speed as one navigates in the game. It determines how fast one can scroll their screen content vertically. The result is obtained as pixels per second.
4. Typing Test: This test helps determine typing speed in games for typing messages or cheat codes or at work to improve productivity. Users have to rewrite the words given on the screen as soon as possible. The result is displayed in WPM or words per minute.
Benefits of CPS Test games
While these tests seem simple, they are not that easy. Some players hold world records for these tests. The CPS Test platform is a great way to improve one's skills as a gamer or work productivity. In addition, one can use these games as an easy recreation method between peers and compete against each other. The CPS Test is also an excellent tool for socializing.
The site also features a scoreboard for each individual where they can track their own progress and best performances. Users can analyze their performance with these statistics. Moreover, the platform also offers dark and bright themes for user convenience and is compatible with all tablets, mobiles, and computers.
CPS Test, an all-in-one platform for game practice and socializing
These unique tests offer a free and fun way to improve gaming and socializing with friends. The platform offers additional features like night and day modes, a scoreboard, and a comments section.
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