Ambar Singh Maurya, the stock market whiz
Ambar Singh Maurya, the stock market whiz

Cracking the Indian share market with Ambar Singh Maurya

ANI | Updated: Apr 15, 2021 12:47 IST

New Delhi [India], April 15 (ANI/SRV Media): Ambar Singh Maurya is the Founder and CEO of Paraxion Market Consultants Pvt Ltd, a firm that deals in the stock market and guides others to profits. Ambar Singh Maurya has been involved in the market for the last 10 years experiencing the markets and learning everything there is to know.
In his career as a market consultant, he has given more than 25 training seminars on the hidden secrets of the market which he learned during his time in the markets. To help the upcoming generation of young traders and the other traders Maurya has even started a YouTube channel Stocks Avenue Market Consultants to guide them.
When Ambar Singh Maurya entered India's bear and bull market, he realized its vast untouched potential, the potential to help people live the life they want. He decided to start his venture to help people achieve their dream lifestyle.
Maurya started his own company Paraxion Market Consultants Pvt Ltd. The company was established in 2020 and created a team of stock market professionals as compared to his earlier career as an independent stockbroker. Ever since the first lockdown in March 2020, the markets have crashed from time to time which led to a panic situation in the markets. The investors started to sell their investments and book profits in fear of market crashes and losses.

It was during these tough times that Maurya decided to start guiding people as he knew it was a golden time to invest in quality stocks due to the dips in their prices. Markets were still in the consolidating phase during September as the free time and lockdown caused a surge in new investors entering the markets. During these volatile times, Paraxion Market Consultants Pvt Ltd has helped its clients by providing stock market training, trading investment advice, Demat account opening assistance in various brokers. Paraxion Market Consultants is also registered with NSE exchange as a sub-broker authorized person.
Ambar Singh Maurya says, "In the stock market, 90 per cent of traders lose money while only 10 per cent of the traders keep making consistent profits smart enough to benefit from the mistakes of the 90 per cent. Ambar Singh Maurya also says that we should analyze the emotions, the mood of the 90 per cent of traders while buying and selling the sentiments they go through when their money is invested, if we can identify the psychological mistakes of these traders then by doing the opposite action we can make a profit and this is called behavioural analysis."
Apart from this Ambar Singh Maurya also advises following the bulk traders, the foreign and domestic institutional investors known as FII's and DII's. Mostly these bulk buying as selling from these investors heavily impact the particular company's stock and the market in general. To learn more of these tricks Ambar Singh Maurya encourages people to learn the markets with Paraxion Market Consultants Pvt Ltd because here they are to guide them along the way to the fundamentals of the market.
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