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CUET 2022 Entrance Exams: What percentile required to get admission into top institutions: Cut-Off Estimates
CUET 2022 Entrance Exams: What percentile required to get admission into top institutions: Cut-Off Estimates

CUET 2022 Entrance Exams: What percentile required to get admission into top institutions: Cut-Off Estimates

ANI | Updated: Jun 21, 2022 18:14 IST

New Delhi [India] June 21 (ANI/Oswaal Books): Candidates who desire to pursue admission across the participating central universities through CUET 2022 would better understand their prospects of admission now that they know the predicted CUET cut-off for 2022. The CUET 2022 projected cut-off has been calculated using official data and the CUCET previous year's cut-off. The CUET 2022 cut-off allows aspiring applicants to forecast the probable CUCET score they need to get admission to the selected programs and central institutions.
Aside from knowing the CUET predicted cut-off and the previous year's CUET cut-off points, it's also critical to understand the CUCET last year's cut-off markings. The current year's CUET cut-off marks are roughly the same as the prior year. There is no significant difference or gap in the CUCET cut-off from the previous year if there is no substantial change in elements such as curriculum, the difficulty level of the test, exam format, and so on. As a result, it's critical to understand the CUCET cut-off score for each program and category from past years.
To be admitted to the top 10 best colleges, you must secure 80 per cent in CUET.
Suppose you opt for the CUET exam in one language and three domains. You already know that each section of language and three domains consist of 40 questions. Suppose if your language questions are five marks each, then a total of 40 questions are 200 marks, and the domain section is 600 marks; thus, the exam is of total 800 marks. Thus, if you score 640 marks from 800, your percentile will be 80 per cent to take admission to the top colleges, which means you have to score 640 out of 800. And if you want to opt for moderate colleges, you have to score approximately 500+ marks, and if you are opting for the best of three for physics and chemistry science subjects, then the total marks are 480, and you have to score approx. 300+ marks for taking admission in the moderate ranking colleges.
How to prepare for CUET 2022: Strategy for the Last 30 Days - Books used to prepare for CUET 2022.
Divide the syllabus of the exam into three topics:
1. Theory
2. Practice
3. Test
Make a list of topics you want to prepare for the exam.
Theory-The most crucial step in your CUET preparation journey is Concept Theory. It would be best if you had concept clarity for the topics that will be asked in the exam and the different ways in which questions can be requested--a study from the examiner's point of view.
Quick Practice is required with books that will help you understand the concepts easily with tips and tricks to answer the questions. You can quickly go through the illustrations for each topic to understand the concepts.
Practice: Practice is the key to success. Practicing different types of questions is very important. Practice previous questions from various competitive and entrance exams, Join as many live classes as possible to practice MCQs on screen. And most importantly, invest in a good book. You can select 'Oswaal CUET Sample Papers | Question Banks' for your complete CUET preparations. It provides explanations of the topics, illustrations, different kinds of questions, previous year questions, etc.
For CUET Entrance Exams, quick practice must be done with books containing exam-ready tips, short tricks.
For example, Oswaal CUET Sample Papers | Question Banks With Exam-Ready Cognitive Tools such as Mind maps, Mnemonics, On Tips Notes for Quick Revision, Tips and tricks to crack the exam in one go.

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Once you have covered the theory of the concepts and have practiced different questions from each topic, now invest your time in doing integrated practice tests. Take the test as a whole.
Try to take as many tests as possible. This will help you to:
Select the correct questions from the choices given
Manage time
Prepare for all kinds of questions coming to you all at once.
30- days strategy:
1. Focus on language and general tests.
2. 30-70 Concept- Practice strategy
3. Screen Mock tests.
Focus on the language and general test sections because both these sections are new to you--the syllabus, paper pattern, types of questions, everything. It would be best if you focused more on these sections to excel; after all, you have already studied domain subjects for your CBSE exams.
You can practice as many MCQs as possible for domain subjects because the concept foundation has already been laid in your term exams.
The test is well-known among all applicants seeking admission to UG programs. Candidates must follow the CUET preparation tips suggested by professionals in order to prepare appropriately and score well. Prepare the plan while keeping the mentioned points in mind.
1. Check out the whole CUET Exam pattern and curriculum.
2. To determine your level, solve a few prior year's problems and practice tests.
3. Choose the best CUET books for preparation to ensure that all ideas are apparent and a solid foundation is established.
4. Keep a journal with all of your shortcuts and tips.
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