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CUET 2022 Mock Test Sample Paper & Question Bank released: Score up to 95 per cent with new MCQs series by using 5 Techniques
CUET 2022 Mock Test Sample Paper & Question Bank released: Score up to 95 per cent with new MCQs series by using 5 Techniques

CUET 2022 Mock Test Sample Paper & Question Bank released: Score up to 95 per cent with new MCQs series by using 5 Techniques

ANI | Updated: Apr 29, 2022 20:15 IST

New Delhi [India], April 29 (ANI/Oswaal Books): Big news dropped in for the students willing to attempt the NTA CUET 2022 examination.
CUET 2022 Sample Papers or Mock Tests& Question Banks for the students appearing in CUET (UG) 2022, released.
Mock tests Sample Papers are available for Section II of various domain subjects along with the language subjects of Section I. Additionally, NTA has instilled various significant changes in the kind of MCQs that will be asked as a part of the exam. This change is applicable especially for the domain subjects.
You can find the newly launched official mock tests in the Mock Tests section of the "December 2018 onwards" link on the NTA website. These Sample papers & Question banks are very similar to the ones provided by various boards like CBSE and ICSE before the examinations are conducted.
The upcoming examination in July '2022 will be based on the blueprint as in the mock tests. This makes it extremely important for students to go ahead and attempt, practice, and understand the pattern.
Score up to 95% with the new CUET 2022 MCQs series by using these 5 Techniques:
With many new things, students are already struggling with the stress coming with the examination. Here are a few techniques that will help you score well with the CUET 2022 MCQ Series:
Know the syllabus:
This is the key the scoring well in any examination. You should focus on each section separately and understand the topics to be studied. For example, you will require an upper hand in grammar and vocabulary skills while approaching the English section. This will include your knowledge of synonyms, antonyms, expressions, and, most importantly, comprehension passages.
Furthermore, the quantitative section will require brushing up on the entire mathematics you studied from class 9 to 12. You should be able to solve questions from trigonometry, algebra, time and speed, and as the graphs and charts section.
But practicing such questions will give you a better chance of scoring well, and this section does not involve the academic front - which makes it better. Lastly, stay updated with the current affairs and news from the country and the world. Practice with Oswaal NTA CUET (UG) Sample Paper | Mock Test | Entrance Exam Preparation Book for 2022,With these Sample Paper, students can take lot of benefits for their exam like:
* Why to choose?
As Oswaal NTA CUET (UG) Sample Paper 2022 are Strictly as per the latest Syllabus and pattern of NTA CUET (UG) - 2022 based on MCQs
* Score up with Tips & Tricks
Tips to crack the NTA CUET Exam 2022 in the first Attempt
The NTA CUET (UG) Sample Paper 2022 includes Valuable insights - tips, tricks and short Cuts
* Short Cuts to learn more

Mind Maps to provoke new ideas

CUET (UG) Sample Paper | Mock Test Paper | Entrance Exam Preparation Book for 2022Click here, https://bit.ly/3kmN3zU
Stay calm and focused
Exam preparation is about psychology as it is about academics. You can ace the academic part through reading and understanding, you may even get coaching to learn to tackle questions, but you will still not be able to perform efficiently if you are nervous and stressed.
Psychological preparation is as necessary as a determined mind to crack any kind of examination - tough or minor.
So, stay confident in your studies, go to the exam venue a few minutes before the reporting time, and read the instructions and questions attentively. This might sound pretty mainstream, but it will give you excellent results when practiced right.
Ace the calculation game
When attempting the mathematics or the quantitative section, double-check your calculation. To score highly in this section, it is not just the formulas and theorems that will help you, but also the calculations part.
Speed and accuracy
You must be fast in solving the questions but at the same time tick the correct option. If you are willing to score high in this examination, you will need a lot of practice on speed and accuracy. As they say, attempting the question quickly is essential, but so is choosing the correct answer. The best way to learn this is to practice and practice. Students can also practice with Oswaal NTA CUET (UG) Question Bank | Entrance Exam Preparation Book for 2022 | Chapter-wise & Topic-wise.
CUET (UG) Question Bank | Entrance Exam Preparation Book for 2022 | Chapter-wise & Topic-wise Click here, https://bit.ly/37LtOO1
Solve multiple mock tests and Sample sets. This will help you increase your speed and accuracy and give you an essence of the kind of questions that you will face in the CUET 2022 examination.
Know your strong and weak points
Knowing your strengths and weaknesses and working on them will help you do better, whether in life or in an examination. Being consistent and dedicated to your strengths is important.
But knowing your weaknesses and putting in extra efforts to make up for the fact that you are not a natural in certain sections of the examination will increase your marks multifold. Devote your time to understanding your difficulty level and practice solving questions that scare you - because only the things that scare you can make you stronger.
These were our top five techniques to score up to 95% in the new MCQ pattern of the NTA CUET 2022 examination. But, of course, hard work and determination are required too.
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