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Leading food delivery platform for home-cooked meals, Curryish
Leading food delivery platform for home-cooked meals, Curryish

Curryish brings to you flavorsome food made by talented home chefs at your doorstep

ANI | Updated: May 10, 2021 15:05 IST

New Delhi [India], May 10 (ANI/SRV Media): A one-stop destination for the best Chole Bhature, Chicken Donne Biryani, Paniyaram, and much more by the best chefs and home cooks in the city. Curryish is the brainchild of Anirudh Balagopal.
It is an online platform that connects food lovers to various home cooks and chefs from around the city who are skilled in their respective cuisine and dishes. It is the address to all the talented chefs in the city who make the perfect french toast, Vada Pav, Rajma Chawal and so much more.
Curryish provides a platform to all the amazing cooks who have ever wished to serve others a taste of their delicacies. They have more than 500 talented chefs waiting on their list while the platform has selected 15 amazing cooks who serve the people of Bangalore with authentic home-cooked food. All one needs to do is simply click on their site and explore their various chefs providing a variety of multi-cuisine dishes.
Curryish is an initiative that aims at providing quality services for all its epicure customers as well as their chefs. Founder Anirudh has got various messages from their gourmet chefs stating that they were always waiting for a platform like Curryish where their talent for cooking is greatly appreciated and highly respected.
Anirudh is an ex-Amazonian who worked for the Alexa Team in California. He later moved to India and started Curryish along with his startup "Doofy''. Doofy is India's first Game Streaming Service that brings PC games to any Windows and Mac Laptop.

Anirudh Balgopal, CEO of Curryish says, "A lot of talented great chefs never ended up starting something on their own because figuring out logistics, initial marketing, and regulations were too complicated. Our platform Curryish, now allows them to just focus on making great food, while we take care of delivering their art to all the food lovers along with every other technicality."
The Curryish website is as colorful and innovative as its idea. One can log in through their mobile number and start exploring different chefs with various names like Urban Rasoi by Neeru, Ellora's by Sunetra, Healthy Box by Deepti, etc. Each chef is skilled in different cuisines like Italian, Kashmiri, South Indian, North Indian, and much more. The ingredients used in making every dish are extremely fresh and hygienic. This gives customers a chance to taste the authentic flavor of different cuisines and try various new dishes. Chefs offer food items from simple home-cooked meal combos to exotic dishes to serve every taste palate.
Curryish site enables customers to order food in advance which is especially convenient for party orders and also gives chefs to buy fresh ingredients for the order. Each chef is FSSAI registered and one can select any chef from the list. Curryish provides delivery services which mean food from the chef's kitchen is directly delivered to the customer's door.
Hygiene is a vital aspect for Curryish, every chef is required to wear a mask, gloves, and hairnets while preparing and packaging food. As every meal comes from the home kitchen the hygiene levels are well taken care of. Unlike restaurants, customers are well informed about their chefs and who is cooking their meals. It also gives customers a chance to explore local chefs and experience different preparations of some age-old dishes.
In the current scenario when travel is a dream, food is a means to explore the country. Chefs at Curryish are from all over India and make food they have grown up eating in their most earthy flavors. This makes Curryish a favorite spot for all the foodaholics. Curryish is not just a food delivery service but a bridge between amazing chefs and food enthusiasts serving each other with love and care. The platform aims to serve all their foodie customers around the world with delicious food. Curryish will soon be expanding its market across the country.
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