CXO Moves Annual Report 20-21: A study of C-Suite Movements in India
CXO Moves Annual Report 20-21: A study of C-Suite Movements in India

Deciphering the leadership hiring trends in India: CXO Moves Annual Report 20-21

ANI | Updated: Aug 09, 2021 14:00 IST

New Delhi [India], August 9 (ANI/SRV Media): The CXO Moves Annual Report - 2020-21, a joint report prepared by Sapphire Human Solutions, India's most agile executive search firm and Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, the voice of India's business and industry, was launched at the Smart & Sustainable Leadership Hiring Colloquium: Attracting the Desired Leadership Talent.
Delivering the Welcome Address Ankit Bansal, Founder & CEO, Sapphire Human Solutions said "Over the years, the business ecology has become much more complex and uncertain than ever before. Considering every constant, every variable, coming to the right conclusion is critical to the success of any business. And hiring the right leadership talent probably sits right at the top of the decision-you-cannot-go-wrong pyramid given the VUCA world we operate in. The CXO Moves Annual report is a ready reckoner that is designed to enhance the CXO hiring process. The purpose of this comprehensive study was to understand the CXO hiring across industries and to succinctly showcase the underlying trends, gain inferences, thereby enhancing the decision-making process of CXO hiring. This report is the culmination of a year-long research jointly conducted by Sapphire Human Solutions and FICCI, analysing more than 4000 CXO movements that were reported in the year 2020 - 21."
The report was unveiled by key dignitaries including Dilip Chenoy, SG, FICC, Ranjan K. Mohapatra, Co-Chair, FICCI HR Committee & Director HR, Indian Oil Corporation Ltd., Sushant Dwivedy, Managing Director (India and Philippines), SHL, Manish Singhal, DSG, FICCI, Madhavi Lall, Head HR, Deutsche Bank and Ankit Bansal, Founder & CEO, Sapphire Human Solutions,
The increasing business complexities of the ever-evolving business ecosystem has only increased the challenges of leadership hiring. This report is designed to serve as a ready reference point for organisations in their CXO Hiring process. Some of the insights this report brings to light are -
The number of CXO moves recorded every month, showcasing the months when the movements were at their peak and which months were lean.
Leadership hiring trends across sectors, and the sectors that recorded the most movements.
Exploring the preferred hiring mechanism, whether organisations relied more on internal promotions or on external hiring.
Assessing where were the movements occurring the most, whether in Indian companies or in MNCs.
Assessing the hiring trends of women leaders across sectors

With many such insights, this report aims to equip organisations with relevant data points and analysis that would help them make informed decisions when hiring CXOs.
Delivering the Opening Remarks Dilip Chenoy, Secretary General, FICCI said, "Most businesses have remained resilient led by people being resilient for which HR teams deserve kudos and appreciation. They have had to deal with multiple challenges resulting because of the decreased demand and disrupted supply chains."

Ranjan Kumar Mohapatra - Co-Chair, FICCI HR Committee & Director HR, Indian Oil Corporation Ltd while presenting the Special Address said, "Job expectations in the corporates have changed where companies have come to expect much more from their C level executives because you need different and new skills to deal with today's business."
Sushant Dwivedy, Managing Director - SHL (India & Philippines) & Member of Thought Leaders of India, while delivering the opening address said, "Mobilizing leaders has been challenging pre, during, and post covid. The world is changing and with factors like the importance of the gig economy, ageing population, smart technology, diversity and inclusion, the financial crisis, and well-being in mental health; businesses and roles need to be able to adapt themselves. Every organization must be able to go ahead and identify the rule beyond the competencies, six to seven challenges, or context elements, which would make a difference in terms of identifying the right leader for themselves. When identifying and developing leaders within the organization, the power and importance of context becomes extremely critical"
Vijay Chandok, MD & CEO, ICICI Securities & Member of Thought Leaders of India delivered the Keynote Address at this colloquium. Speaking on 'Why Leadership Hiring is Important to an Organisation' Mr. Chandok said "Leadership today, need to think in a multi modal way in terms of time frame. It's not just about thinking short term but long term. The leadership needs to have the necessary skills to work in a multi modal pattern."
Highlighting the Evolving Leadership Priorities in the VUCA World, Anadi Sinha, Group President, UNO Minda Group said "During this pandemic, we have learnt to become more communicative, flexible, nimble, and agile. Our decision making has become very quick and immediate."

Speaking on the need for more women in the leadership, Ashish Pradhan, President Asia, Siegwerk & Member of Thought Leaders of India shared "In India, gender equality and diversity are gaining momentum yet then if we see from a global perspective, we still have a long way to go. The corporate world simply reflects what is happening in our society."
With the successful launch of the CXO Moves Annual Report, 2020-21 Sapphire Human Solutions and Federation of Indian Commerce of Chambers and Industry intend to establish this as an annual feature, enhancing the CXO hiring process of corporate India by providing actionable insights derived from everyday news reports.
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