Access various courses in multiple languages through EFA Courses
Access various courses in multiple languages through EFA Courses

Digital Learning Platform EFA provides courses in multiple languages

ANI | Updated: Apr 28, 2021 15:37 IST

New Delhi [India], April 26 (ANI/SRV Media): With a vision to become the largest of its kind, EFA is an on-demand learning platform for skills, offering a wide array of courses like language, photography, design, art, 3D and gaming, computer essentials, music, and development.
They are open to people who especially wish to upscale their talent and hone their skills. They provide students with quality learning material and make learning easy and fun - all at a lower range of cost and investment!
What sets EFA apart from other online learning portals, is their provision of courses in multiple regional languages, including Hindi, Tamil and Kannada, opening up the platform to students from all over the country. This ensures the inclusivity of individuals who lose out on such chances due to linguistic challenges. The courses are available in various difficulty levels. Ratings, reviews and demo videos of all courses are displayed on the page, enabling learners to make informed decisions before delving into the process.
These courses are taught by independent teachers and entrepreneurs who on average, are earning up to Rs 40-80k recurring a month through the EFA platform. However, this figure is entirely dependent on the number of students who wish to enrol in their course. Courses like Learn Excel in Hindi and Learn Piano in Hindi have been doing extremely well on the platform.
Further, EFA not only wishes to upgrade skills but also help the students find jobs using the platform. Students learning a new skill can also be a part of the exclusive EFA jobs directory, by clearing online tests. These test results and resume of such students would be accessible to employers in their city or state.
Rajan Arora, CEO says, "We have witnessed an enrollment of over 10,000 students in the past 2 months, garnering daily video views of over 45,000. Up until now, we have paid over 20 lakhs to tutors. In the next 4 months, we envision scaling to 1000 users on a daily basis while furnishing over 500 skill learning courses in the next 6 months. We are geared up and ready to expand, and as they say - sky's the limit."
EFA's mission and core values focus on the holistic growth and development of not only students but also their teachers. They aim to provide affordable learning to people from all financial backgrounds and regions, in languages convenient for them, which will help them understand and absorb better. They wish to disseminate relevant skills that will uplift their learners intellectually and financially by presenting them with job possibilities - both permanent and freelancing.
The online platform considers it crucial to generate and integrate confidence in students, ingraining a positive sense of achievement in their lives which will eventually lead to increased success. EFA also cares immensely for their tutors, issuing them with a platform to showcase their talent and skill, while creating a legacy of their knowledge. Developing a spirit of entrepreneurship in professional creators is equally essential, and promoting their capabilities to help them receive the recognition their work deserves is a step taken towards doing the same.
EFA values quality education and multi-layered learning that goes beyond the superficial acquisition of knowledge. They work towards imparting skills that are vital in today's day and age, which will help students gain an edge over their fellow competitors. In the near future, this determination will only augment their belief of adequately preparing young minds for what lies ahead!
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