DJUBO partners with TripAdvisor to increase direct booking of budget hotels

ANI | Updated: Oct 31, 2017 13:14 IST

New Delhi [India], Oct. 31 (ANI): India based hotel tech startup, DJUBO, has joined hands with the world's largest travel site from reviews to bookings, TripAdvisor to enable travellers to better discover more value options when looking to stay at budget hotels in India.

Through TripAdvisor's powerful hotel price comparison tool, DJUBO has invented an exceptional solution for hoteliers called DJUBO Fireball.

Fireball is DJUBO's meta-search marketing tool and it will enable Indian hotels working with DJUBO to be able to cost-effectively display quality hotel offers directly to TripAdvisor's global travel audience of 415 million unique users each month.

As on date, customers book hotels after seeing direct rates flashed on TripAdvisor, even if a hotel is not listed on OTAs. They are also able to book at better rates than OTAs because hotels keep direct website rates lower than their OTA rates simply because OTAs traditionally charge higher commissions.

These standalone independent hotels, whilst already providing great value to consumers, often face various distribution challenges that prevent them from maximizing their outreach and driving higher direct revenues through meta-search partners.

These include having little to zero online marketing budgets or skilled manpower for campaign management or access to pre-authorised credit card machines or access to online payment options.

"We are excited to be working closely with TripAdvisor and feel there is immense business value it can add to the small and budget hotel segment globally. These properties struggle to maximize their outreach on their own and we are confident that DJUBO and TripAdvisor can solve this by connecting them to a larger global audience that are keen on finding great value hotels, which will in turn help these hotels drive higher revenue," said Co-Founder of DJUBO, Sankalp Goel.

"TripAdvisor provides travellers with the wisdom of millions which enables them to feel confident about the hotel they are booking even if they have never experienced it before. Our travellers, both local and international, can now discover more options with DJUBO's hotels on board, especially when looking to explore hotels on a budget," said Country Manager, TripAdvisor, Nikhil Ganju.

Using Fireball, in concert with TripAdvisor's powerful standard bidding platforms, DJUBO Fireball clients can now enjoy greater visibility on the site and get a seamless solution to systemic issues that were preventing direct revenue maximization in the past.

This partnership will help 1400 hotels who do booking via the DJUBO booking engine. (ANI)