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Dr Hemachandran Ravikumar
Dr Hemachandran Ravikumar

Dr Hemachandran Ravikumar elected as a Member of the Royal Society of Biology (MRSB), London

ANI | Updated: Jul 02, 2022 17:00 IST

New Delhi [India], July 2 (ANI/PNN): Indian Scientist Dr Hemachandran Ravikumar has been elected as the Member of The Royal Society of Biology (MRSB), London, for his outstanding contributions in the field of Bio-Science, Microbiological Studies and Neuro-Science.
The Royal Society of Biology is an eminent global body of dedicated researchers in biological sciences partnered with industries, Academia, Advises governments on policy and promotes the talent, collaboration, innovation, information and ideas that lead to great advances in science. It acknowledges significant achievements by a professional for the extraordinary contributions to the field of Biology and life sciences.
The elected members are bestowed the designation Member of the Royal Society of Biology (MRSB). This membership is a prestigious honour for an individual who has adjudged a prominent contribution to the advancement of the biological sciences.
This year Dr Hemachandran Ravikumar MRSB(UK) has also been conferred with 'The National Science Medal' for his indefatigable contribution in the field of Biology for "The Study of Memory Activities of the Cells in the Homo sapiens" and "Summarised Facts, Managements and Treatment Pattern for COVID -19" (Co-author: Co.sci.Mathunila Vissagan). His untiring contributions and continuous hard work in the field of biology have earned him the world's most prestigious honour from the Royal society of biology(UK).

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