Durga Puja Celebrations
Durga Puja Celebrations

Durga Puja celebrations at DLF Club5 come to an end with Visarjan

ANI | Updated: Oct 20, 2018 15:51 IST

New Delhi [India], Oct 20 (NewsVoir): Dussehra was celebrated with utmost joy and fervor at the premises of Club5 by the residents of DLF5 on Friday.
The ever-growing and vibrant community of DLF5 saw an energetic/ zealous day amongst the drum beats, colors, hymns, traditions and delicacies as around four thousand residents joined their hands to lift and bid farewell to the grand idol of Maa Durga, the metaphor of women power and the triumph of good over evil.
The day of Vijaya dashmi holds immense significance for married women, who celebrate the occasion with 'Sidoorkhela'. The atmosphere at Club5 was further beautified with colors as the women participated in Sidoorkhela where they put on sinduur or vermillion on Maa Durga`s forehead and feet and thereafter apply it on other married women present around them.
To relive the legends of the great epic Ramayana, the artists of Charkula Arts Academy presented Ramlila which recounted the story of Hindu god Rama since his birth till his reunion with his wife Sita after his victory over the evil king of Lanka, Ravana. The epic recites the saga of the great king, warrior and maryada purushottam through the chapters of his birth, childhood, exile, war, victory over Ravana, rule and life thereafter till his nirvana.
Charkula Arts Academy was established in 1982 to promote Dance, Music and Culture of Uttar Pradesh in India. The academy has established a branch in Singapore to promote Folk Art and Culture outside India.
Blending the modernity with tradition and adhering to its environment friendly ethics, the smart community of DLF5 celebrated Ravan Dahan in most gracious manner without the use of firecrackers or any kind of noise pollution. The Ravan Vadh in the Ramlila was the climax of the performance which was applauded and celebrated as the legendary victory of good over evil.
"Festivities bring to us the opportunity to get united in the thread of love and harmony. It is heartening to see the entire community coming together to celebrate all festivals with such fervor. On behalf of DLF5, I extend my heartiest wishes to all," said senior executive director, DLF5, Aakash Ohri. (NewsVoir)