E-Startup India: A bevy of professionals for MSMEs biz problems

ANI | Updated: Feb 20, 2018 16:19 IST

New Delhi [India], Feb 20 (ANI-NewsVoir): The concept of Startup enterprise is becoming rampant in the Indian economy; just as budding entrepreneurs now a days incline towards swift, sustainable and smart corporate solutions at minimum procedural outlay as to give a head start to their business endeavor.

Indubitably, accounting, taxation and other legal registration are taken up by every entrepreneur as monotonous tasks of a business. Startup thus tends to elude the tardy red tape, or to some extent seeks fulfillment of only indispensable legal obligation at that too at economical fees, while compromising with the reliability and quality.

Moreover, in today's fast-paced digital world, an average entrepreneur wants to devote his time in core business operations rather than on legal formalities hence prefers to rule out frequent visits to the government & consultant office premises.

In order to trounce all the lengthy procedures and technical ambiguities and to cater the demand of today's budding entrepreneur, CA Pulkit Gupta, CS Ravindra Negi and LLB Preeti Gupta have identified the need for nifty solutions and have come up with their maiden venture on the digital platform, known as https://e-startupindia.com/. It is an "online business registration portal" facilitating key elementary services that are indispensably required by every startup in India, such as Company Incorporation, GST Registration, ISO Certification, Trademark, Copyright, Patent, Import-Export Code, Preparing Business Plan & Project Report, FSSAI Registration, MSME Registration, Logo designing, besides various Finance, Accounting and legal compliances.

Undoubtedly, the main idea behind the creation of the online registration portal e-startupindia.com was to cater to the newbie startup wizards in fulfilling all their initial legal registration requirements. As suggested by the founder of the organisation, CA Pulkit Gupta, "Minimum legal costs and time delivery commitment are two common penchants that up and coming entrepreneur usually seeks when they avail legal services from a Consultant. E-Startup India is an online portal aimed at accomplishing these two key aspects. We set forth realistic goals to fulfill the compliances regarding legal requirements for startup registration within stipulated time frame. We endeavor to lay a secure runway for startup to take off into the corporate space, where sky is the limit for new opportunities. We play our crucial role "behind the scenes" in actualising the dream sequences of potential MSMEs."

CS Ravindra Negi, another herald of digital pioneership and the co-founder of E Startup India states, "We aim to impart straightjacket solution towards legal registration convenience; it begins with the formulation of a strategy. No doubt, Concerned Authorities are introducing several online registration solutions with the aim of Digital India. However it still involves certain unanticipated technical snags & glitches. Evidently, it is very important to conceive the things from the perspective of a startup aspirant, given that they expects quick discharge of services regardless of lengthy authorities' approval protocols and complicated technical glitches."

As envisioned by the founders, E-Startup India is a online business registration portal that educates budding entrepreneurs about the legalities & compliances associated with the business, apart from delivering quick solutions to their procedural snags during the course of business.

We ensure that the target of cost effectiveness is met at par with the alacrity. LLB Preeti Gupta, another co-founder of the endeavor states, "We have received rave reviews from our clients because of our realistic assessment of the time bound services. Normally, getting the permissions from a government department can become really lengthy process. We have invented strict document checklists to combat this problem, and with a passage of time, our experience with the concerned authorities have assisted us in setting up tight deadlines."

E-Startup India is an innovative platform that has the caliber to uphold the notion of "actualising dreams into business endeavors". For budding entrepreneurs, it is truly an arena where their ideas can take shape of a successful enterprise. A sensible entrepreneur can ease his business journey in a tough legal world. (ANI-NewsVoir)