The three co-founders of Edujars
The three co-founders of Edujars

Edujars launches coding courses for children at an economical rate

ANI | Updated: Apr 01, 2021 17:41 IST

New Delhi [India], April 1 (ANI/SRV Media): Edujar Private Limited, an education startup, has recently launched a highly upgraded coding course for children of all age groups, making coding easier and accessible for every kid.
This coding course is designed for students from classes 1 to 12 at a very affordable rate with the privilege of taking a free trial coding class by applying through their official website before signing for a full course.
How to enroll?
Before enrolling one can book a trial class by logging in at One can also enroll directly for the courses through the same edujars website.
Edujars is a startup associated with new technical education for children, which is accredited by the central government under its Startup India policy. The company aims at collaborating with schools to teach coding classes for Grade 1-12 students. Edujars is working towards training and preparing coding teachers, creating a syllabus and upgrading their software to be accessible in school.
Tapas Ranjan Mahto, one of the co-founders of Edujars, explains that coding is not just an extracurricular course but a tool for the overall development of a child's brain. Coding increases logical thinking and problem-solving ability in kids giving their brain a more framed growth. The founders believe that coding is not just an essential skill for their career but it also inculcates the ability to think and solve problems in them at a very young age helping in their overall development.
Abhijit Verma, one of the co-founders of Edujars, says, "Our objective is to provide coding classes at a very economical fee so that the poor children of the village also get the benefit."

Rohit Prakash Prit, the third co-founder of Edujars believes that "You can't imagine life now without the involvement of technology. Under such circumstances, it is very important to understand the language of IT. Coding is a programming language through which apps, software and websites are created. These days, students are learning different types of coding and it is better to hone their skills at this budding stage."
When the question arises on the technical system and nature of Edujars the company is well prepared with their answers. Edujars is a sum of the same methodology/system that many companies are following to teach children coding. When the founders of Edujars understood the syllabus of coding, he felt that some companies who are teaching coding to children charge a lot of money, which is not affordable for middle-class students.
Keeping this in mind, Edujars Team designed a full Curriculum from scratch to be able to teach quality coding at a very economical rate which children from all backgrounds can afford to learn. The accessibility and economical nature of Edujars have helped many parents to introduce coding to their kids.
Even Parents believe that only theoretical knowledge is not enough and agree that children of the new era are more advanced and willing to learn the new age knowledge. Children of this generation have an urge to do something new which is a quality different from the earlier generations.
The world is moving towards technological advancement in leaps and bounds, this is the reason why the maximum employment opportunities come from the tech world. Today, when the pandemic has affected the whole world, tech companies and tech start-ups are still providing employment opportunities to people without hesitation and showing the world a new path.
Edujars startup is one amongst those and it has proved so by not just providing a new platform to developers and coders, but by also working with various small school operators and teachers. In this direction, Edujars is providing employment opportunities to hundreds of B.Tech and BCA trained youth in coding as well.
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