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Prince Shrivastava and his father Satish Shrivastava
Prince Shrivastava and his father Satish Shrivastava

Ekta Contech kicks off a new venture - "A ROOF FOR ALL"

ANI | Updated: Jan 04, 2022 15:58 IST

New Delhi [India], January 4 (ANI/SRV): Ekta Contech, a distinguished contender of the real estate world, has combined innovation and sustainability to bring Green Buildings to Ranchi.
The project is expected to uplift the quality of life without exploiting the natural resources, along with increased involvement of civilians in real-estate investments in the coming years. Apart from the green revolution, Ekta Contech is spearheading the social initiative - A Roof for All, by building homes for deserving individuals at free of cost.
As per the World Green Building Trends 2018 report, the percentage of respondents doing the majority of their projects green in India is expected to nearly double by 2022, from 28% to 55%.
Managing Director of Ekta Contech Private Limited, Prince Shrivastava outlined his idea of providing Ranchi, his hometown, with the gift of green buildings. He said, "Green buildings will bring the new real-estate revolution and Ranchi holds the potential to anchor that change."
The construction of green buildings is a step towards sustainability. Ekta Contech will incorporate environmental considerations in every phase of their development. The benefits will not only be for nature but also for the people investing in real estate, as it promotes lower development and operating costs with increased comfort and healthier quality of life.

After studying the market for the last 4-5 years, Prince Shrivastava observed how one section of the society is making a profit from the loss of the other. Several families have lived for generations in rented houses because they cannot afford the land and construction cost of new homes even after saving enough money. A Roof for All initiative promises to bring the necessary balance required, as the company plans to provide 10% of the profit towards building homes for deserving individuals free of cost.
The company created by Satish Shrivastava and Reena Shrivastava has served the people of Ranchi for the last forty years. They sowed the seeds of apartment culture in Ranchi.
Ekta Contech's vision is to cause a transition from what people see as a money-driven business to an asset-building chain for civilians.
The fact that people are paying so much for so little worries Prince deeply. He said, "The well-being of the people and the environment is the objective of my new projects. The goal is to provide the best product at an affordable rate. I do not want to earn a profit. I want people to ask for transparency from their builders. I want people to be a part of the revolution and as soon as this happens, people will have money for other investments. The taxes paid by them will contribute to the collective growth of the capital. We can have better educational institutes, hospitals, and every necessary public service."
Ekta Contech plans to use knowledge and technology as the tools to bring the change. "Our environment has been exploited a lot because of over-construction and deforestation. We no more enjoy the brilliant climate of Ranchi as we used to ten years ago. Climate change is real and sustainable buildings tend to solve a part of this problem. I want a balance and that will be revolutionary" added Prince.
The Shrivastava family has been into charity work for many years. Mrs. Reena Shrivastava has been running a school for underprivileged kids for the last 15 years. The nursery school admits 4-5 students every year to ensure their necessary education. Dr. Astha Baul Shrivastava, Prince's wife, helps out students with education funds or people lacking resources to build something vital for their life. During the covid outbreak, the family helped more than 2000 people with food, medicines, masks, sanitisers etc. All the charity work takes place under the roof of Kaushalya Devi Memorial Foundation, established by Prince and named after his beloved grandmother.
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