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Enout plans to ramp up by the end of financial year

ANI | Updated: Jan 15, 2019 16:24 IST

New Delhi [India], Jan 15 (ANI): Innovative employee engagement strategies planner, Enout is all set to expand their wings in the market by the end of this financial year.
Enout, a dedicated experience manager startup, providing a gamut of services to startups and MNCs such as offsite annual retreats, day outing, corporate trips, events, corporate gifting, team building exercises and workshops to help enhance the motivation and morale of corporate employees has made 100% revenue in past six months.
The signals of expansion comes from the founder, Keshav, who has travelled solo to more than 300 districts and 100000+ kms and has an experience of working with startups and corporates.
Being a founder and a former employee with AirWhizz as Head of Marketing & Partnerships, Keshav understands the psyche of both employees and the company on a personal level. Since he has an experience at both side of the table, Keshav through Enout is trying to bridge the gap between the Employer and the Employee incorporating a healthy bond between both.
Enout since last year has been running its successful operations and already has over 30+ satisfied clients so far. Organizing over 160 trips, Enout has built a community of 6000+ travelers in a short span of time.
The growth rate of the company has been quite impressive with an estimated increase of revenue by 50% every month - a revenue of 2.7 million in last quarter. The current market share including small and medium size startup and companies is more than 2000.
Taken into account the average opportunity cost of Rs.2,00,000, the revenue will cross more than 400 million only in Delhi NCR. If one is to consider on all India basis the estimated revenue will be around 2000 million. Considering the current revenue projection graph, Enout will make revenue of more than INR 50 million by the end of 2019-20.
"We are targeting to collaborate with 200+ Startups/SMEs/corporates towards the end of 1st financial quarter in 2019 and are also planning to start our Bangalore and Pune operations by the end of second financial quarter in 2019. Also, we are working on 20 new industry specific experiences/activities with the industry leaders to add more value proposition to our offerings and to our clients. We want to reach out to maximum number of growing companies to help them with establishing their culture, increase engagement among employees and strengthen their workforce by ensuring retention of resources during growth period," said Keshav when asked about the expansion plan for Enout. (ANI)