Kitchen with Walnut Wood
Kitchen with Walnut Wood

EvoWood highlights choice of right wooden interiors at Mumbai launch

ANI | Updated: Dec 31, 2018 15:25 IST

New Delhi [India], Dec 31 (NewsVoir): wood">EvoWood, a wood engineering brand launched its maiden experience centre in Mumbai at Laxmi Industrial Estate, Andheri West which is one of the main hubs for interiors in Mumbai.
Launched in 2017 by Atul Marwah (Founder and Managing Director) 4th generation woodpreneur along with his son Avijit Marwah (Director - wood">EvoWood) the brand is all set to expand to various cities to provide a versatile solution for manifold interior and structural applications in homes, offices, hotels etc.
The newly opened store in Mumbai offers the brand's exclusive collection of engineered wood products such as EvoLlae - thin 3.5mm sheets, EvoLumber - ready to use processed lumber and EvoBoards - the finger jointed boards.
While sharing experience Mr. Avijit Marwah, Director, wood">EvoWood said, "In today's day and age, every industry is undergoing major developments and innovations, but unfortunately, woodworking has not witnessed the kind of change that is possible, especially considering the fact that it is one of the longest standing building material in existence. The creativity and versatility that wood provides are enormous but at the same time woodworking requires a lot of skill and knowledge."
Avijit Marwah listed down 6 tips to look out for while opting for wooden interiors
Wood is the most commonly used material when it comes to furniture and the reason behind its success is its durability and its allurement. Wood is available in various species and being such a versatile material, it can upgrade and enhance the overall living experience. There's a reason why people always go for wooden interiors, the warmth and cosines it brings to any space naturally gravitates humans towards it.
Choosing the right species of wood - Wood has the tendency to contract and expand in different weather conditions and is also considered as a living material. Like the human body, wood adapts to different weather and climatic conditions so it's important to choose the right species of the wood as each wood species has its unique properties, durability factors and the tendency to react to different weather conditions.
Stained woods in different colors - While opting for wood the only thing that comes to mind is the classic brown tone as most of the wooden species come in such color tones. However, now one can opt for either the classical tones or even go for various different colored stained woods according to the theme and color tones of the space. Thus, people can always go for colors that they think is best for the overall look of their homes, offices etc.
Regular Repolishing - We apply a coat of zinc to the iron so that it doesn't rust and lose its color. Similarly, it is equally important to always frequently polish the wood so that it doesn't lose its charm and its unique properties. Polishing wood from time to time will not only keep the wood safe from parasites but it will help to maintain the shine and the quality of the wood.
Avoid chemicals and harsh detergents - It is always advised to not use any detergent or any cleansing solution to the wood as it will destroy and harm the quality of the wood. These detergents can cost wood to lose its colours and pattern which will impact the overall look of the interior of the structural applications and wood is the material which reacts to these harsh chemicals.
Right knowledge of wooden species - Wood is available in numerous species and each wood reacts differently in various climatic conditions. One should ensure that the wood is of correct quality and seasoned wood is used for all the interior applications to increase its longevity. Hence, one should have the right knowledge of the wood which needs to be used for the interiors.
Thorough research and the right budget - Before coming up with different ideas and concept for interiors one should always do thorough research work on various design and interior portals and make a budget accordingly. Wood comes like many other materials, wood has a wide variety in pricing so one must understand what suits them best whether its the price or maintenance. (NewsVoir)