Faizal is among the new generation of grass root activists from Kerala
Faizal is among the new generation of grass root activists from Kerala

Faizal, the activist who focuses on charity activities, poverty alleviation and distribution of 'food packet' for the poor

ANI | Updated: Feb 17, 2021 17:43 IST

New Delhi [India], February 17 (ANI/ThePRTree): It was his life as an expatriate that inspired him to do social work when he came back to India in 2004. Since then Faizal has been a familiar face in circles that intend and inspire to work for others and help the needy.
Faizal was born in 1978 to Muhammed Kunju Velamparambil Veedu. He had his studies from SN high school Paravoor and a diploma in electronics from Aluva. He started his social activism with the Kerala students union and was active in student circles and charity initiatives. He later ventured into business and also worked abroad for some years before taking up social service in a big way.
He was secretary of Dubai chapter of Crescent cultural forum and was also serving the Malayali community in Dubai. Even on his return, he has organised a huge number of blood donation drives and actively takes up labourers issues. He has also actively sought the office of public service and contested.
Faizal's core interest lies in reaching out and helping people. His momentous effort as RG Team District captain in 2018 floods earned him a lot of laurels beyond religion and politics. He was a "Covid Warrior" arranging food, resources and medicine for all sections of the society. What kept him and his civil society group apart was their focus on cleaning activities after the great floods of Kerala when all parts of the state where facing hygiene and health issues
He also took a leadership role in forming Mannam Panchayath agitations and construction of sea walls in the Chellanam region of the district. This act won a lot of acknowledgement from the media as it was a neglected place and civil society took initiative and solved an issue where even the Government of the day was found wanting.

Other projects of this noted activist include "Kochikkoru Kaithangu" which assists the region of Kochi and also addressed garbage and sewage treatment issues in Paravur.
Faizal is a member of National highway protection committee, Periyar preservation forum and anti-pollution campaigns. He advocates for a consensus approach in matters of development and displacement of people. He is pro-development but wants to make sure that 'development should not come at the cost of the livelihood and living space of the underprivileged'. He was leading the 'Warehouse agitation' which lasted for 24 days and ended in success. He has led to success in various labour strikes in Vaniyakkad, Kalamassery, Vazhilungara, Vedimara and Aluva.
He intervened in the eviction of the much-noted case of Preetha Shaji and is a part of 'Anti Sarfaesi' groups. His grassroots interventions include agitations against 'caste wall', Manjali travel strike, illegal detention of fishermen, destruction of paddy fields and efforts for environmental protection like Shantivanam.
He presently works as vice chairman of Maulana Azad charitable trust and DOWA (Drinking Water Operators Welfare Association) District President and Thanippadam Residents Association President.
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