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Fatema Jagmaag's Shaba Speech and hearing centre participated in the First Clinical Trial Study of Marvel CI Sound Processor.
Fatema Jagmaag's Shaba Speech and hearing centre participated in the First Clinical Trial Study of Marvel CI Sound Processor.

Fatema Jagmaag's Shaba Speech and hearing centre participated in the First Clinical Trial Study of Marvel CI Sound Processor.

ANI | Updated: Jun 29, 2022 13:41 IST

New Delhi [India], June 29 (ANI/GPRC): It is truly astounding to see and learn how a few businesses, platforms, and brands have been giving in their best in order to create greater growth for their respective industries.
The consistent efforts they make and the many innovations they work around often help them create products/services that go ahead in adding value to people's lives. The medical industry has been doing exactly that by giving way to various developments and advancements in different medical domains for enhancing and improving the lives of patients.
Advanced Bionics is one such company that recently came up with Marvel CI Sound Processor for helping patients with communication needs. For the same, rising doctor Fatema Jagmaag also came forward as she and her team at Shaba Speech and hearing centre participated in a recent clinical trial conducted in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and Calicut, Kerala.
15 families participated in the same, and from Shaba Speech and hearing centre, eight were shortlisted who had been using an older generation sound processor of AB and who would immensely benefit from the salient features offered by the Marvel processor.
These Marvel CI processors were given to them for a year to carry out a study to see the impact on their communication skills with respect to speech, language, and voice quality. In the event regarding the same held recently, Dr (Prof.) Milind V Kirtane, Sr ENT and Cochlear Implant Surgeon at P. D. Hinduja National Hospital and Medical Research Centre, Mumbai, was present, who spoke about the importance of early intervention and post-implant habilitation of the cochlear implant recipients.

For funding, he said how I hear Foundation, a trust formed by him, helps fund Cochlear Implants and how 70 per cent of Implants done by him are through donations. He is even associated with Breach Candy, Cumballa Hill, and Saifee hospitals in Mumbai. He holds an experience of around 50 years in the industry and works with the vision that every child with a hearing loss must get the opportunity to be a part of the hearing world. The Government of India respected him, in 2014, with the Padma Shri, the fourth most elevated regular citizen grant, for his commitments to the field of medication.
He was additionally granted the renowned Dr B.C.Roy grant in 2005 in the class "Acknowledgment of the best gifts in empowering the improvement of fortes in various parts of Medicine" by the President of India.
Fatema Jagmaag, at the event, spoke about the processor and what impact it had on communication on the recipients selected for the trial. The Audiologist and Speech-Language Pathologist was satisfied with these candidates as she saw regular improvements in them, which also increased their confidence levels. She even spoke about Shaba Speech & Hearing centre, which is all about audiology and speech needs, from pediatrics to geriatrics for every age group, and the centre offers services like Speech Therapy, Cochlear Mapping, and Cochlear Implants, Audiology Evaluation & Management, Speech and so much more. Over the years, since it was incepted in 1995, her centre has had 2000+ satisfied recipients nationally and globally. They have received more than 250 recommendations and even had 150+ collaborations across the world.
The Director Sales and Marketing at Advanced Bionics India Pvt Ltd, Abhishek Singh, spoke about the synergy between Phonak and Advanced Bionics and the global presence and vision of the company, and about the latest generation Sound Processor Sky CI Marvel, apart from the latest Cochlear Implant System from Advanced Bionics HiRes Ultra 3D with 3Tesla MRI compatibility cochlear implant.
He highlights that Sky CI Marvel combines proven Advanced Bionics sound processing with the proven Marvel platform from Phonak, a global leader in pediatric hearing care, and offers a variety of wearing options for a growing child's adventures.
Introducing Phonak Sky Link Marvel and the new Naida Link Marvel, Marvel technology has now been extended to bimodal-hearing patients. These are based on Marvel technology, and the cochlear implant sound processor and hearing aid wirelessly connect and communicate with each other in a coordinated, dynamic way.
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