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Fenesta launches 'Same Day Replacement' service for windows

ANI | Updated: Oct 27, 2017 15:15 IST

New Delhi [India], Oct 27 (ANI-NewsVoir): Replacing an old window is no longer a complicated process; instead it will be a breeze now. So don't postpone the inevitable. Fenesta, a division of DCM Shriram Ltd. introduces one-of-its kind 'Same day Replacement' service in India. The proprietary method of 'Sills and Trims'-'Same day Replacement' by Fenesta allows change of windows in a single day without having to rope in multiple vendors.

No need for masons and carpenters, painters and polishers, just one phone call to Fenesta gets the job done within hours. The service will be available in Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai in the beginning.

Changing a window is always considered to be a cumber some job. Getting the windows changed while staying in the house is considered close to impossible due to dust, too much of coordination amongst masons painters etc. as well as security issues since the dismantling of old window and installation of new window can't happen in one day.

With the Same Day Replacement model of Fenesta, life is hassle-free. Trained engineers from Fenesta come equipped with tools as well as the replacement window. They ensure that the old window is dismantled and the new window is installed with efficiency. Sealing of gaps and finishing is managed by the Fenesta engineers. The new Fenesta window is far superior to the conventional wooden/Aluminum or iron window in aesthetics as well as performance.

The Environmental intruders like dust, noise penetrate through microscopic gaps in conventional wooden and aluminum frames. They slip through the minutest of cracks even when the windows are closed. In sharp contrast, nothing filters through a Fenesta window except, of course, natural light.

No noise, no pollution, no dust, no rain, no wind Fenesta windows come with double seals within the frame, silicon between the window and the wall and a double-glazed (twin glass) option; a 'rain track' or 'sill arrangement' to prevent rain seepage; and special reinforcements, if required, to withstand high velocity winds. The result is airtight and watertight insulation against all unwanted elements.

Choose from the Fenesta Villa Window with toughened glass, large window faces that flood your home with sunlight or sliders that integrate balconies and rooms or a window that rises from the floor to the ceiling or spans the length of a wall - Fenesta Same Day Replacement model has a solution to all. (ANI-NewsVoir)