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Financial field scholar, Andreas Szakacs
Financial field scholar, Andreas Szakacs

Financial field scholar Andreas Szakacs shares strategies of financial advising

ANI | Updated: Mar 22, 2021 16:26 IST

New Delhi [India], March 22 (ANI/The PRTree): An expert at delivering financial advising to East European companies, Andreas Szakacs, CEO of OmegaPro World - a FOREX trading platform, aims to provide guidance to customers in regard to money remittances between countries. Helpful to European customers getting better insights, the idea is to be 'growing more and serving more.'
Andreas started his financial career in 2014, through his hard work and dedication he has paved the way to fulfil his dreams. Hailing from Sweden, Andreas is also a bank owner, a venture capitalist, and a traveler who loves exploring new places in the world. A lot of start-ups, banks, and financial institutions have managed to make a mark for themselves in the market under Szakacs' mentorship.
To become successful in life, it is important to put in consistent hard work and give knowledge equal importance. Strategizing how to move forward in the desired career line, ensures achieving dreams and attaining financial stability. Dreamt of owning his own company, Andreas has worked hard to achieve his goals. Ever since 2014, he has dedicatedly started working towards his passion. Post unraveling a prick in a lot of palms, he started working together with his business partners and co-founders to solve it with a clear focus of making financial products easy and accessible.
People now find it easy to transfer funds globally at fewer costs. Having said that, Andreas Szakacs has contributed in lending a hand to the financial industry to power through the ages. He ensured that the financial companies understand the issues faced by their clients due to their high costs. Despite being successful, he is full of humility. In his own words, Andreas says, "Try not to become only a man of success try to become a man of value." One can easily figure out that his strong foundation is based on his never-ending beliefs.
For aspiring business owners, Andreas Szakacs always says, "Prepare to make sacrifices. You will sacrifice things in life to live and breathe your dream to become successful. If you do want to make a dent in the world, you are going to have to make sacrifices. There's no escape. It is hard and grueling but choose what you need over what you want always." His success mantra has never failed to make a difference and it is hoped to make a change for others as well.
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