Pawan Singh Dhakad
Pawan Singh Dhakad

Fitness influencer, cricketer Pawan Singh Dhakad aims for Bollywood debut

ANI | Updated: Apr 20, 2021 18:33 IST

New Delhi [India], April 20 (ANI/ThePRTree): Pawan Singh Dhakad, a fitness influencer is taking the fitness industry by storm owing to his aesthetically built physique and an enticing demeanour which radiates a different kind of energy.
A cricketer par excellence who has received accolades on various fronts due to his progress in the sport, Pawan continues to inspire youngsters to pursue their passion while earning a living by accommodating his passion for fitness and sports with his everyday life.
Owner of the renowned gym called ' DFT cross-fit sports gym' in Gwalior, Pawan Singh Dhakad has always aimed for excelling in each field he gets into. Having dedicated over 10 years as a Motivational Sports Personality & Administrator in Gwalior and Madhya Pradesh Professional Cricket, Pawan kept climbing the ladder and has been working as the Logistic and team manager of Gwalior Division Cricket Association from 2018-19.

At the nascent age of 24, Pawan has a following of over 16 thousand individuals who look upto him for everyday motivation, the young entrepreneur is currently associated with Senior Madhya Pradesh Cricket Team.
Having been a fitness freak since teenage, Pawan is a self learner who has a ability to catch opportunities and make the most of them, his fitness and influencer journey has led him to be caught in the eyes of the entertainment industry, due to which Pawan is eyeing on a grand bollywood debut that will bring a ball game change into his magnificent career.
Pawan has mesmerized his followers with his clean looks and fashion strides which has made him a notable name on social media, with such an image, Pawan is planning for s grand Bollywood debut, the details of which are yet to be disclosed, but this new journey of Pawan Singh Dhakad will certainly be another milestone towards his gleaming career.
Driven by hard work and dedication towards his goals, Pawan has left no stone unturned to make an impact in whatever he does and this cricketer cum fitness geek will bless the screens with his impeccable presence soon.
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