Domainer's Success Party
Domainer's Success Party

Free learning amidst the pandemic with Urban Skill

ANI | Updated: Mar 09, 2021 12:40 IST

New Delhi [India], March 9 (ANI/SRV Media): Amidst the pandemic, as the world witnessed loss of human life, paralyzed businesses and the indigenous people being hardest hit, Urban Skhelped hundreds of individuals generate income through a 'not so popular' career option called as "Domaining".
In the month of March, Urban Skill launched an Online Course Series on "Domain Aftermarket Business" which is better known as "Domaining". Accounting for the business of around 470 million dollars, Domaining is one of the most profitable online businesses across the globe. It refers to the process of buying & selling premium domain names.
Domain Aftermarket is a dedicated online marketplace where premium domain names are bought and sold. There are many individuals who register premium domains with an objective to sell, and also there are companies with domain reselling businesses.
GoDaddy and Afternic are some of the most prominent platforms for premium domain name buying & selling. Urban Skill attendees majorly buy domain names from GoDaddy Closeouts and sell on Afternic platforms. In general, one can buy a domain name for some 600-1000 INR and this can be sold for any reasonable price depending on its quality and worth.
With a structured process of learning and a surpassing brilliance of having served thousands of people through this free Domain Name Aftermarket Online Course Series under the expert mentorship of Hitesh Wadhwa (Co-founder of DN School) and Jay Paudyal (Founder of Urban Skill), Urban Skill led to the professional transformation of many helping them generate income with least investment.

With ease of working anytime and anywhere, Domaining is a career option that caught the interests of many. The course was open to all the aspirants be it newbies or beginners and a total of 1200+ enrollments were received where 800+ successfully passed the course and were awarded the course completion certificates. The course series to date has been inclusive of 50 Live sessions each lasting for about 2 hours on average.
Jay Paudyal, founder of Urban Skill while being interviewed said, ''I have been into Domaining since 1999 when quite a few people were aware of it in India. It was only in the year 2010 when we organized the very first Domaining Conference in New Delhi that gathered people's attention making it gradually known to others.
It's been five years from now that Urban Skill has been organizing offline interactive meetups on such topics but the global pandemic enabled us to organize the same on an online platform and this led to the idea of launching this free online course series. I being a domainer and a passionate individual enjoy surfacing talents".
Urban Skill with a vision to promote constructive usage of the Internet strives to demonstrate successful learning and transformation both personal and professional in its entire mission for the national and global public interest. Attendees from almost all parts of the country join us for the Online Course series and have successfully implemented the learnings under a dedicated mentorship through social media groups.
Urban Skill is an interactive learning platform that inspires, educates and transforms the youth professionally by bringing together the trainers who aid the learners in building a brighter and much more inclusive future.
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