FYERS promotes discipline in trading through 30-day challenge

ANI | Updated: Feb 02, 2018 18:47 IST

New Delhi [India], Feb 2 (ANI-NewsVoir): Incentivising the active trading community in India is an important factor and making money is itself an incentive. To promote this, FYERS has brought out an innovative opportunity that instils a sense of discipline.

Aptly called as "FYERS 30 day challenge" this activity is primed as a simple reward system that will keep traders focused to remain profitable for the duration of the challenge which is 30 trading days.

Trading is not a collaborative activity and hence, certain objective goals like time-bound challenges can help sharpen traders up especially during the lack of regular feedback from the trading fraternity. Also, various researches suggest that it takes approximately 1 month to start developing new habits and break old ones.

Below are some of the points of the activity:

1. The end date is calculated based on the number of trading days within the date range.

2. There is no lower limit on the brokerage refund.

3. There is no upper limit on the brokerage refund.

4. Profitability is calculated across all segments.

5. Dividends won't be considered.

6. Brokerage refund to the winners will be processed on the 5th of every month or the next working day.

"We are thrilled to announce "FYERS 30 day challenge to help traders in maintaining a momentum throughout various trying situations. This initiative is a result of brainstorming with our clients who have years of experience trading with other stockbrokers. Our aim is to encourage traders to be sustainably profitable all year round even if it will impact our revenues. We understand that each challenge may not be a one-way journey to success and all good things require time," said Tejas Khoday, Co-Founder and CEO, FYERS.

To get started one can visit FYERS 30 Day Challenge link which is accessible from your trading platform and click on "Start". Your start time, end time and days left will be displayed in the top panel.